Islamic Law – Sunnah and Quran – Part 1

INTRODUCTION OF THE TOPIC- The introduction of the Islam in the whole world came in the limelight when Prophet Mohammed spread the idea of Islamic and the teachings of Allah in the whole Saudi Arabia. The followers of Prophet then spread the idea of Islam in different parts of the world and hence the religion of Islam got a widespread support and popularism among different sections of the community in the whole of Saudi Arabia and its surrounding regions. Muhammed Prophet took the initiative of uniting the warring tribes and taught them the lessons of Allah the almighty. Eventually all these warring tribes came together in one umbrella thanks to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed which resulted in the unification of the warring tribes of Saudi Arabia. Muhammad’s message was essentially the existence of one God, all- powerful but also merciful, and he freely acknowledges that other prophets in particular Abraham, Moses and Jesus- have preached the same truth in the past.

But Monotheism is not a popular creed with those whose livelihood depends on idols. Mohammed, once he begins to win converts to the new creed, makes enemies among the traders of Mecca.

The teachings of Prophet Mohammed resulted in the unification and hence these warring tribes captured other parts of the world such as Northern African Countries such as Libya, Egypt , Algeria, Sudan etc , in the Middle East Countries of Asia such as UAE, Yemen , Qatar, Bahrain , Oman , Iran, Iraq , in Central Asia such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan etc and even in the Indian Subcontinent. The intruders such as Muhammad Bin Qasim, Muhammad Ghaznavi, Mohammad Ghori, The Delhi Sultanate and The Mughal Empire have largely contributed in the spread of Islam in the Indian Subcontinent. When the religion of Islam spread in almost every part of the world, the ideas and the beliefs related to it also spread in many parts of the world and hence created the environment of Islamic Teachings and Islamic Culture all around the world .

As a result of the spread of the Islam all over the world, The holy Qur’an also emerged. The Qur’an is the Muslim Sacred Scripture, believed to be revealed by the God to Prophet Mohammad through Jibril (Gabriel) during 23 years the Prophet(s) recited it to a Group of his Companions and scribes of revelation wrote it down under direct and constant supervision of the Prophet(s) .The Qur’an has a solution to all our problems and since no other book will come back after this, Allah made it perfect and for entire humanity.

The Sunnah refers to the habits, practices, words and decisions of the Prophet Muhammad in Sunni Islam and of the Prophet and the twelve Imams who succeeded him as leaders of the Muslim Community in Shia Islam. Hadith are the written records of the Sunnah as validated by Early Muslim Scholars, through the terms are often used interchangeably as Hadith are now the only source of understanding the Sunnah.

“Hadith” or “Sunnah” (tradition)-

Traditions may be classified into the following three categories-

  • Hadith Mutawatir (continuous)- Those which have received universal acceptance and are narrated by an indefinite number of men belonging to the categories of companions, successors and successors of successors.
  • Hadith Mashhoor (well-known)- These were reported by a limited number of companions in the first instance and thereafter fulfilling the conditions of a continuous tradition.
  • Hadith Ahad (isolated)- These rest upon the testimony of one or more narrators, who are limited in number, not fulfilling the conditions of either of the above two classes.

The importance of Hadith as an important source of Muslim Law has been laid down in the Quran, emphasised by the Prophet, recognised by his immediate successors and other companions, and accepted by all the important orthodox Muslim Jurists.

The Quran says, “Whatever the Prophet gives accept it, and whatever he forbids you abstain from it”. (49:7) . It also says, “He does not speak out of his desire . It is nought but the revelation revealed (to him).” (53:3-4)

Sunnah is the teaching of the Prophet as reported to us , also his personal conduct, and his tacit approval (meaning thereby that even though he did not prohibit a thing expressly, kept quiet on its permissibility). The Sunnah of the Prophet is known through authentic reports of his sayings called Hadith. There are several collections of Ahadith (plural of Hadith) like Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah etc. named after the name of their compilers.

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