Assessment of Students in The Era of COVID-19

In this 21st Century era where modernism is at its zenith and people from most parts of the world are aware of even the smallest news and happenings that are there in there surroundings, where the online system in every sphere of the working has replaced the traditional methods of working and people have become smarter, efficient, innovative and less hardworking but smart working people , the whole world is now facing the worst of the pandemic that one could ever imagine in this modern era, that is COVID-19. The word itself creates fear of freight ness and sadness among all the age groups of the society because the pandemic is such that even the slightest mistake done by a person can be fatal and may even cause death.

Everyday, in the current news we are listening to the rising cases of patients related to the COVID-19 and we even cannot imagine the sufferings of the victim that he has to face when he suffers from it. He is affected with tension, fear and many other things that one cannot imagine and the worst part among all is what if he dies as there is no cure for this disease. The availability of vaccine is still awaited and the concerned authorities are trying their best to to get the possible solution to curb this pandemic. The worst affected countries due to this pandemic are India, USA, Brazil, Russia, France, United Kingdom etc

Problems Faced By the Students during Online Classes- Among all the sections of the society, the education seeking children or the torch bearers of the development of any country of this world are the sufferers among all. They need proper, efficient, education with direction and most importantly they need valuable and practical which will enhance their overall skills in writing, listening and vocabulary improvement which will help them in their holistic development and overall enhancement. But due to pandemic, it’s seems to be unachievable right now because proper school teaching is not going right now and there is communication gap between the teachers and students where there is a necessary interaction between the two for better co-ordination and understanding. The only possible solution that the whole world came up with is the e-learning ie Electronic Learning where teachers teach the students online and give important notice, teaches relevant topic according to the syllabus and the only source of interaction between the teacher and the students is only through online teaching.

According to the recent reports, 1.7 billion students were out of the school. These is really sad statistics and this needs to be addressed as quickly as possible by the whole world. According to UNESCO, over 100 countries have implemented nearly 90% of the world’s student population e-learning platform. Though E-learning is a very good initiative taken by the concerned authorities of the world, but the benefits arising out of it are not enjoyed by all the sections of the society especially the marginalised sections where there is no proper access of the net services and the students thus cannot learn the important topics which the teacher teaches. Further, the connectivity of the online all across the world is unequal where some countries lack in technology such as African Countries , Remote Areas of Latin and Central America, Asia etc and thus the education imparted to these areas through the medium of E-Learning is not upto the mark.Village students, students living in remote areas, girl students are the worst sufferers among all. Besides all these, there are issues related to the health problems such as weakening of yes, being fatigue, loss of sleep, slow and tired mind etc because of the online classes . Students are bearing the brunt of all these problems especially two most concerning problems that the students are facing right now ie- pandemic and the online classes which are making them sad , angry, tired etc .The students of all the age groups whether a kid or a teenager like to interact, enjoy, share their feelings and experiences etc but sadly are bearing the brunt of all these problems.

There are also many problems which should be addressed and should be considered by the concerned authorities in order to solve and provide relief to these students. These are as follows-

Students needs strong self-motivation for e-learning and time which is not possible under these situations

Students are motivated for peer to peer activities.

Child poverty is universal problem.

According to World Bank Report there are millions of children out of school. Acknowledging this impact on girls, The National High Commissioner For Human Rights (OHCHR) in a statement, stated that “girls globally have less access to the use of internet and cell phones than boys.” Teachers and students should be introduced to the offline e-learning platform to supplement the normal classroom teaching and learning process so that students who do not have the access to the internet can benefit.

These are some of the problems which are faced by the students in this pandemic era and needs to be addressed in order to reduce the burden on them. The rural people, people living in the remote areas in different parts of the world, people who do not have the access to online classes and materials are the worst sufferers amongst all. Besides this pandemic and mental anxiety under these circumstances creates further tensions and problems among these young torchbearers of progress and development oriented world who have the ability to change the outlook and perception of the development of the global progress and economic improvements with their creative and logical ideas and thoughts.

Conclusion- With the above mentioned points and seeing of the stats related to the problems faced by the students attending the online classes during the time of the pandemic, it creates really a sorry state for them and at the age where the teenagers have the full freedom to enjoy their rights and hang out with their friends and relatives, the age where a person is enhanced his/her skill and are advent to learn many new and exciting things which are related to his/her concerned field of study, where he should expose to the world and should speak about his ideas, thoughts, should participate in public debates and should be involved in social gatherings and help others with his good deeds and who are the torchbearers of the development and progress in the world, who should excel in both extracurricular as well as academics etc are bearing the brunt of double dilemmas or both the online classes as well as the pandemic and hence the concerned authorities should look into the seriousness of the matter and should help in removing the plight of the students who are getting depressed and tensed bearing the brunt of all these problems.

The question that arises in the mind of the people should be that “It isn’t the violation of the human rights, taking away the rights of enjoyment and being brutal towards them taking away their happiness and making them slaves of this online classes.” Aren’t they human beings? What kind of punishment is this? In the name of online classes you have just turned the lives of these millions of innocents like a prison who spends his whole life being baffled and tortured in the four walls of the prison. Sad incidents are being circulated in the newspapers and social media where even some of the students are committing suicide because of these online classes. For the readers it should be like the most brutal form of capital punishment. Maybe some of the people may not agree but the majority even cannot disagree with the current situations and brutality towards these innocent kids. Assignments, lessons, exams, marks, peer pressure, tensions, fear, anxiety and many more. In the name of teaching , these online classes have just become a mess. A utter mess. Are we being authorised to take away the rights and happiness from these students? No right. So why are we making their lives mess and being brutal against them. Aren’t they human beings. The viewers should think about this. It’s a humble request to the different  governments of the world to look into this matter and try to remove the plight and sufferings that these innocent students are suffering. That’s all that can be said about this matter.

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