Impact of Social Media on Society

Social media, the “lifeline” of present day society, as it connects people with each other, where they interact with wide range of people and groups and surely, it has its impact also, Social media here means the fun media, where people scroll endlessly and timelessly for hours and hours and not only people but the young generation or say teenagers are very much attracted to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. So the question is it good or bad? It is both, as people is recognizing the technology and can do productive for future, on the other hand, humans are prone more to bad than good, so they get diverted from good path of life and face severe health issues. This is the ‘CYBER ERA’ in which we live in.

The data of the year 2019 shows user for Facebook in India is 241 million, users of Whatsapp is 250 million and users of You Tube is 2 billion. But this social media can also be termed as “Profession Building Media” where the young generation who are graduates or under-graduate can built their contacts by Tumblr, Linkedin or Internshala or Freelancer or WordPress according to their Interest areas, The newly made application which made easy everything got stick to mind and people get ideas of developing or updating the same, from which they can earn money, where things can be sold which influence the mind of consumer to buy product online

But each coin has two sides, positive and negative, the media which is the fourth pillar of democracy is showing fake news, spreading hatred leaving the riots and violence among people and nations which arealarming call. Even politicians used to comment on each other insults, invade and inviting violence indirectly, also TV stars like Kangana Ranaut who recently commented on Farms Bill was get accused of Inviting violence by farmers just like Citizenship Bill, as media not shows the real picture but shows what can be the news which can just increase the TRP of their channel, and how lies strike to the mind of people and they become violative without knowing the real truth.

Positive aspects of media

  • People are connected globally and they have instant communication
  • In the Covid-19, it has proven, the online platform where Court and Litigation work, where education can happen, where people celebrate their birthdays, where conferences on international level as well as national level
  • Businesses get the boost and people are updated with what is happening in the world each second.

Negative Impacts

  • Cyber crime at its worst, as India is among the top 20 nations in the list of increasing cyber crime, Recently, a girl committed suicide as her MMS got viral, which was unacceptable and unethical and also, exploits such innocent person at a peak that they have to give up their life at the end.
  • Scams and Online fraud is high as it is challenging a major threat to cyber cell and Police.
  • It leads to lack of sleep, depression, feeling of jealously, weakening of eyes etc, health is being affected drastically.


Social Media is having both negative and positive sides, the article only aims to make people aware to chose the right direction and accepts its positive aspects and avoid the negative one, because world is changing, the world needs to be prosper with flying colours.

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