Why reading of books is important ?

In order to understand the importance of reading books we need to realize one crucial factor that like the body our brain also does need workout it help one to see things from different perspective and have their own imagination, but through this reading exercise I’m not taking about the sort of reading that one has to do in their daily routine, for instance the school or college portion, or some reading that we have to do for our assignment or exam, here in this article I’m talking about fiction , story books or narratives where one gets to know the plot from a different persons perspective or imagination, these reading one reads from inside, reading all such sort of books are indeed useful which most of people fail to understand and doesn’t even consider as useful as per ones career.

All these type of reading enhances our intuitive ability to imagine what type of thinking might be taking inside a person’s head studying his personality, it enables us to step out from our brain even if it’s for a few moment and see the world from another peoples point of view and this opens up the whole world to us as it allows us to imagine what it could be likely to be someone else seeing or perceiving things in a different way.

People who don’t read books can have limited ability to imagine thins and hence might find difficult in understanding human relationships because without that ability to step outside your own self it’s difficult to imagine anything.

Reading can also be helpful for the people who are suffering with depression, anxiety then reading of fiction can change the lives. There lies a huge difference between reading and speaking for instance a small child can learn to speak by listening to the way other people speaks but if that same child is kept in a library for a whole day then also that child won’t be able to gain the ability to read as that feature is not instilled in humans naturally it is something that one needs to practice every day.

A reader has total control over his emotions, morals, judgment and all these things are enhanced that an ordinary person due to the very reason of enhanced ability to imaging things as a result a reader is very rational tries to reason every small things. Readers are very sensitive to others people’s feelings. Reading of a book is like living the moment and experiencing the thrill from the perspective of the writer, it makes a person more knowledgeable and intelligent.

So, as it is said before that our body also needs workout similar to that of the brain, not only it is good and beneficial for the person but also it is beneficial for the society as a whole, more readers we will have in  our society that means more empathetic people are there, so reading books is very beneficial for one and for the whole society.

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