Plastic Pollution

Plastic, the collected in a huge amount, the accumulated stuff we see on road, on plots, on railway lines or say everywhere which has the huge capacity to destroy the humans and wildlife. It is the major pollution from which the world is suffering; it has divided according to its size as micro, meso and macrodebris. It has been seen every day and now that rivers are being polluted because of plastic waste, the Ganga River which has anti bacterial properties has been a hub for the plastic waste in the name of religion and God, which is being destroying by humans and which affects the marine animals, wildlife, air, and humans also who are being responsible to it. Plastic is non-disposable product which is being manufactured in large amounts and large size.

In the age of Covid-19, masks are playing the huge role in toxication of plastic pollution as it has become the necessary thing to put on, the plastic pollution has been drastically increased but making masks of disposable nature could cut off the problem but not eliminate it entirely. The data shows that 75% of total pandemic waste has been filled in the land and floating in seas affecting the nature at its worst, the used masks which is being thrown out would result in the new infectious transmission of disease from human to human and also toxins to the environment, study also shows if the dumping of masks and plastic continues like this it will be triple from now in the next few years. Plastic Pollution is the major problem which the world is facing before coronavirus, now it has get push to take a demoneous way.

There are various regulation to deal with the issue framed globally but they are uncertain and in the paper only, they are inadequately framed and not been updated from last few years taking into consideration the ground reality problem, incentives to be made so that plastic production is reduced initially and replace plastic from something which can work as plastic but not cause harm as plastic and easily disposed off,

Plastic cannot be entirely eliminated rather, its use could be limit to a certain extent like packaging the designing product in such a manner that plastic can be recycled, for this global cooperation and rules and individuals, increasing the use of natural fibres and natural rubber which are environmental friendly.

“Good jobs lead to better health which leads to cleaner and environmental friendly environment”

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