Stop Domestic Violence and Empower Women

Women facing stereotypes at every level and each field because of the mentality of male dominates woman. Though women have favoured position in business over men because they deal every contract seriously and painstakingly, although, the aim to boost and influence women as men is yet to come, the progress towards the equality between genders, financially independent, economically, politically and spiritually developing women has to be done. However, there are many policies and initiatives taken by government to empower women in different fields but the policies are only in paper and not in practical.

Present problems that woman face

  1. There is a famous quote ‘Health is Wealth’ which when linking to women’s conditions in India, will thwart mental state because they are too poor to afford the contraceptives which affects their reproductive health worst because they are not capable to give birth to child at such early age and with such low nutritious care because of lack of money and standard of living.
  2. Violence against women is increasing day by day and there is no control over it. We are craving for the society where women is free to roam without any fear, but they are raped and murdered which is the another issue to look
  3. Gender discrimination, when a girl child is born, the she from her birth starts facing discrimination as comments like “Waris to Beta Hi Badhaega” is coming and urge to get son is increased
  4. Domestic Violence which comes as major problem which every second women is facing but has to remain quite because she has to feed herself and her child, as she is not independent to earn because she is illiterate. She becomes the victim of psychological, physical, emotional abuses because it is the result of sham and pseudo society. Domestic Violence is kind of touching the hot rod of iron every day which plays the high alarm which does not have button to stop or reduce, the question arise, because child and women are easy targets.

.The government and NGOs opened up various schemes and legislations to empower women but because of the poor implementation in society, the society don’t make any move towards the aim.

The problem is nothing if suggestions are implemented excellently in India. It is easy to say to empower women in each field politically, socially and economically but when it come to practical aspects everyone see women’s as either weak or a toy to play with her safety by raping her or forcefully intimating with her by bluff her of giving her a good job and continuously make her a toy of sexual assault.

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