Feminism and our Society

Feminism and the society

Feminism is a not a new word, we often hear it in debates, our daily conversation etc. Still this word is often misinterpreted and misused. So what exactly does Feminism mean? Does feminism mean to give women more rights than men? Or is it like a war against men?

So, Feminism basically means to bring both the genders on a same level, and have equal right for both men and women, in order to get rid of the dominance and subordination that women face. It is a call for upliftment of women so that men and women are treated equally, and it doesn’t intent to demean men of labeling them as inferior than that of women. The common mistake that every single person has regarding the idea of feminism about women having power over men which is totally a misconception; it is rather women having power over themselves.

Feminism is a movement for all the humans to have liberation of both men and women. Women have been victim of patriarchy and toxic masculinity. Feminism is a way to get rid of all these notions of such dominance and subordination, so that there is equality of both the genders. This movement has evolved ages before the introduction of the word “FEMINISM”. Durga Ma incarnation of Sati, was amalgamation of all the gods in order to destroy evil, we also know that Sita Ma had fought for her dignity and respect and raised both her sons single-handedly. The Courageous women Rani laxmibai is also an icon of immense power .

In India this movement is very crucial for women as to get the same amount of respect and value as a man gets for doing the same work.

Ever year over two lakhs of  female fetus are executed, females are even killed before they could step in the world. Certain practices such as the Purdah System, Kanyadaan,  Dowry Harassment where the victims are only woman. Female widows are not even considered as a human in the eyes of Indian society after the death of her husband she is denied to participate in all holy rituals these rituals just emphasizes the fact that men are deemed to protect weak, fragile womens who are just meant to be protected and exploited by her own family members is every way possible.

Women are denied of getting equally educated as men; they are not considered to have their own career choices, and having their own life perspective. There is a gender pay gap in India, as per a study working women earn only 66% of their male counterparts earn doing the same task in India. 

Mensturation is considered as something impure that shouldn’t be mentioned or talked about openly. In some parts of the society women are even made to sleep on the floor, touching stuffs, and denied of having dinner together. This is nothing but the lack of awareness among people and hypocrisy.

Girls are told about how to dress, dressing style is considered to be the main cause behind rape in India, women are criticized for wearing short dresses and not a word is said for such human beings who have such cheap mentality.

Women are just considered as a machine who works for the house for 24 hours single-handedly managing the house and male as the bread-winner of the family. To end this inequality and gender stereotype it’s time that we don’t perceive feminism as a hostility movement against the men, rather it is to recognize the rights of women and give equal rights to the women.

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