How to overcome Depression

First we need to understand clearly the concept of depression, mere sadness or temporary feeling of laziness or normal grief/discouragement is not depression. Depression is a long term medical condition its symptoms may vary from person to person. A person suffering from depression always suffers from a irritable mood, sleep problems arises (sleeping too much or very less for some, sleeping during day time), has low motivation due to which change of interest arises one may not enjoy the same thing  they used to do before, suffers from low self esteem and feels extremely guilty, these all symptoms affects in low grades and degraded performance, panic attacks also take place, and always has suicidal thoughts and may intentionally hurt oneself.

A person can suffer from depression at any time, there is no specific age as of when it is probable for one to get depressed and it is not something that one should be ashamed about, it is very normal.

So now that we have understood all the symptoms of depression and what depression is all about we should focus on the main point that how to overcome depression.

One needs to practice all the points daily in order to get a benefitted.

  1. Re-define your goals: – goals should be such that gives us a sense of accomplishment, therefore we should decide our goals effectively, goals should be such that are workable and manageable and in which one has interest, it should be meaningful to oneself and not for other person. It’s not that every person qualifies in their first attempt we should question ourselves that why did I fail this time? What are the areas that I have to work upon? We always compare our first chapter with somebody’s twentieth chapter which is unfair for ourselves and we feel guilty and that low self esteem problem can arise. So comparing our biggest weakness with somebody’s biggest strength is not at all fair, we should concentrate and build ourselves up.
  2. Live in the present: – We should be mindful and try not to over think and judge ourselves, at times when we self judge ourselves we might face lack of confidence, one cannot immediately stop over thinking but whenever he/she gets themselves at a lost state should gently bring themselves back to the present, people those who don’t self doubt their ability have higher self esteem, confidence and self-compassion. This way one can have healthy engagement and self compassion.
  3. Engage with people who are motivating: – We should remain in touch with those people who lift us up, we should engage more with them and spend very less time with them who don’t lift us rather after interacting with them we might self doubt ourselves. It’s absolutely normal to have some alone time where we can silently build up ourselves, know ourselves and self love ourselves, but it should also be kept in mind that we should not isolate ourselves from others, we should balance between these two.
  4. Finds ways to be beneficial to others: – We can find small services that we can provide to people, service doesn’t mean something that has to be big, we can provide services which we are capable of doing no matter how small it is. We should just serve that is of larger meaning.
  5. Take a break— Gofor an outing or plan a vacation spend some quality time out of the daily life routine, rethink those things which went well take a note of that.
  6. Exercise and sleep at right time – Exercise works like magic, it works as a mood booster and helps in maintaining a healthy routine, a proper sleep routine should also be maintained, irregular sleep schedule results in hormonal imbalance. We should sleep in the right amount. Attention should also be paid to the type of food we eat or drink we intake as food and drink do influence our mood, avoid problem solving at night because our brain is half asleep by that time.

All these points will help to cope with depression, at first it might be difficult to follow these steps consistently but one should still follow these steps with time and patience.

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