The COVID-19 in India has mostly affected the common lifestyle of the people be it economically, health services, physical strength, mental strength, GDP of the Country, Import and Export of the Goods etc. The people of the country are now being tired remaining at home being quarantined. Their physical and mental strength have been exhausted and so there is some need of urgent which needs to be taken on the issues that are arising due to the ill effects of COVID-19 because this pandemic has affected lakhs and crores of citizens all over the country. The workforce of the country has been seriously deteoriated by the pandemic and the working and economic sector of the country are being the worst sufferers amongst all .The people belonging to old-aged group, smaller children, people below the poverty line, daily-wage-workers, policemen, hospital staffs, people working in the offices etc have been worstly affected by this pandemic.

The Government’s announcement of the lockdown has further disrupted the economic progress and societal development of the country. Without the function of the economy, no country can ever progress in this world and because of the shut-down of the industries, major factories, work-places and banking sectors of the country the whole process of the economic cycle of the country have been affected like never before. The Pandemic from the Wuhan Region of China and spread to all parts of the world has disrupted the normal lifestyle of the people and they are unable to live proper lives which they used to spend happily and peacefully. The Pandemic has affected the bigger economies of the world such as Great Britain, Singapore, India, Brazil, USA, Argentina, France, Germany etc which have disrupted the lives of millions of citizens and because of which there is imbalance in the economic, political, social, cultural ,environmental lives.

Though we can see the reduction in the level of pollution and stress level all around the world but still it will take months to get back to the normal lives because this is the pandemic which needs to be taken special care and address as it has disrupted the lives of millions of citizens all across the globe. Governments all around the world are spending millions of dollars to bring back the normal life and so that nobody is worstly affected in these tough times. In the case of India, government needs to respond quickly so as to address the problems and get the solutions as quickly as possible because the people of the country are the one who help in the contribution of the development of the society and they are the ones who are responsible for the process of the growth of the economic cycle of the country and help in the overall development of the society.

 If millions of people die every day because of this pandemic in the society then there will be complete disruption in all the sectors of the country and so the government has the right to improve the health sector and financial sector so that no problem bear the worst consequences of this pandemic and so that life of the people again becomes normal. The RBI has indicated in India that because of this lockdown period and disruption in the economy and the country’s economy will further deteriorate and already grief stricken economy will lose its path towards development and progress of the country.

The public sector banks which are already running in losses will further become vulnerable to excessive losses and there are chances that many of these banks will be shut down which will further derail the economic process of the country and for the healthy and smooth functioning for boosting the GDP and economic development of the country every public sector bank plays a vital in the economic, social, political and cultural progress of the country and if these banks are running in the excessive losses then it will to many problems arising in the country. The RBI has also hinted that because of this pandemic and slow working of the economy we will see many unemployed youths, economy of the country  being worst of all time, bigger, medium and smaller industries all running in losses, public sector banks not able to work according to their potentials etc. The worst sufferers amongst all the sections of the society are the migrant laborers who are not having basic facilities provided to them such as food, security, shelter etc.

 They are having major problems amongst all the sections of the society because they do not have enough money and wealth and because of their poverty. Because of this pandemic they are either dying or facing the worst consequences of the pandemic .The   import and export of the goods in the country have been worstly affected and due to which the demand and supply of goods which are basically related to essential goods that are not being met and hence it is affecting the GDP and economic growth of the country.

The Banking sector of the country have been badly affected and public sector banks such as Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda, Allahabad, State Bank of India are the worst sufferers. Indian Education System is also suffering badly because of the pandemic. Lakhs of students in the country are also suffering because of the pandemic. Because students are the forbearers and future of the country, so no risk can be taken with their lives and so government needs to address this problem as quickly as possible. The worst sufferers among all the students groups are the students who are giving the board exams of 10th and 12th. It is these sections of students who are suffering because it is the most crucial stage of their life and which can make or break their career and due to this pandemic hey have become the worst sufferers.

When we talk about the commerce sector, the factories, industries, working units are being closed because of the pandemic. The migrant laborers who used to work in these units are unable to work in these tough circumstances and due to which the production unit is unable to produce the amount of goods needed to fulfill all the requirements of the society. The societal problems are being arisen because of this and the growing and production sector of the country has declined. The life of the common people has become miserable and they are facing the problems in buying even the basic necessities such as medicines, salt, gas, cylinder, cloth etc.

The Health Sector Service of the Country is the backbone of the country. Without the efficient health care service a country cannot further progress in future. Without having healthy and wealthy population, a country cannot become a developed country and no sections of the society can have equal share of opportunities in the society. Thus the health sector is the most important or rather say the backbone of any country around the world. Currently, the health sector of the country is in nightmare and everyday thousands and lakhs of citizens are becoming patients due to this pandemic. The health sector of the country has been deteoriated with this pandemic where lack of equipments and facilities creates problems. The quarantine beds provided for the patients are really poor in condition and so the pandemic has resulted in failure of healthcare sector also.

Measures that the Government Should Take-One of the most important measures which the government can take in this pandemic is that it can provide some fiscal and monetary measures which will help the needy and affected people. One such policy taken by the government was the announcement of the packaged of worth Rs 20,97,053 crore which will help to combat against the pandemic and provide the relief to the affected people.

This was followed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of Rs 2,00,000  crore package to give a major boost to the economic sector and help combating the disrupted and distressed economy of the country that has been hampered by the pandemic. This will give major boost to the economy and GDP of the country. Besides this the government has provided Rs 11,02,650 crore stimulus in the fine tranches where in earlier case it was worth Rs 9,94,403 crore was infused in the system through fiscal and policy measures that included Rs1.70 lakh crore relief package on May 26 and Rs 8,01,603 crore monetary measures by the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) since March 27.

In terms of spending as a share of GDP, 6.4% or Rs 12,95,450 Crore has been committed to food security, direct cash transfer, money for rural job guarantee scheme and credit guarantee to MSME’S among others.

The government has announced a policy rate cut and other measures to boost liquidity at 3.9 % of GDP or Rs 8,01,603 Crore in terms of monetary and micro-financial assistance.

 The government can best medical facilities, relief packages for the medical sector and help compensating the doctors for the losses which they have suffered during this pandemic. The government can help in the increasing of number of quarantine beds and can provide the separate isolation wards for the patients with due care and enough hygienic environment so that no problem is suffered by the patients whatsoever and they are provided with enough medicines and vaccinations so that even if they are suffering from the COVID-19 they can be treated fully and they do not suffer from the virus.

So the government is taking steps by converting hotels, stadiums, rail coaches etc  converting  into separate quarantine centers and providing all the necessary facilities for the proper care and medication of the patients that are suffering from the COVID-19. Government should open government offices and working places and strict guidelines should be followed so that no one faces the problems while doing their work. But the biggest problem that is arising in bigger part is the problem of the migrant laborers was arising from this pandemic are among the worst sufferers of all. So the Government should address this section of the society more precisely and should provide all types of foods, shelter, clothing, transportation facilities etc.

Government should make arrangements for migrants so that they could return to their place of origin safely and suffer no problems that are arising from this pandemic. For the solution of the problem, the government should run special trains for the migrant laborers such as Shramik Express which is a great initiative taken by the government to return migrant laborers to their homes and provide all the necessary services to them so that they face no problems whatsoever. For the education and health sector of the country which have been in bad shape because of the COVID-19 the government should provide bigger relief packages for solving the problems faced by these two sectors in the economy.

The health sector should be given bigger amount of packages which includes all types of medical kits, medicines needed to fight against COVID-19, and provide the nurses with enough masks and gloves so that they are not affected the this pandemic and most importantly to provide patients with enough care and medicines so that they can fully recover from the illness caused by the pandemic. The education sector should also be taken due care because without knowledge and literacy no future is possible. So the students must be provided with online classes, online assignments and should be given reliefs and funding of the education sector should be done to the fullest. This should be strictly done by the colleges and schools.


So in overall, these are some of the measures which can solve most of the problems that can be solved and government’s measures such as relief packages, major boost to e-commerce, e-trade etc. will play a vital role in the economic development of the country on track. Also helping the poorest of the poor sections, giving them free reactions, foods etc. providing the best transport facilities and ensuring the smooth functioning of the banks and industries will ensure that all grievances are fully addressed in the country. The recovery rate in the country has improved very significantly in the country which is really a good news for the nation. It is because of the Government’s firm decision and proper handling of the situation that the country is fighting its battle against COVID-19 but we still need to be careful and be vigilant enough to know the pandemic situation near our surroundings. We are damn sure that we are gonna win our battle against COVID-19 with firm determination and persevarance.

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