Put a Stop To Crowdsourcing Your Confidence.

Let’s start being realistic, does your Confidence get boosted by the number of likes you get on Instagram, Facebook or by etc. social platforms?

Being bitter, yes for most of us it does! Most of us trade social currency for boosting our confidence. A deal like you like my picture I will like your dog’s picture. God!! It’s nothing but fake and this is a much known fact to all of us.

People these days don’t even bother how good you look or about your diploma or look for any kind of promotions you share. They just like your stuff so that you like their posts back and that’s it. And this is what Crowdsourcing confidence is called!

“You take the good. You take the bad.

You take them all and then you have all

: Crowdsourcing.”

Another side of Crowdsourcing the aspect of confidence is when no one likes your posts that we share and our feeling towards it is nothing but we feel like shit.

Why Is That?

Is this crowdsourcing of confidence only happening in social media?

Definitely Not! There are a lot many people who still do not have social media profiles and their trade of compliments comes to us via their spouse or boss, etc. for confidence.

And we feel better the time when someone says “Good job, keep it up!” And such statements work as validation to us and yes we depend on it. I, myself chased validation and most of my friends did and interesting part is we didn’t even know we were a part of it in some or the other way.

Being a student, I always work too hard to get validation from my inspiration members or by my mentors. If they didn’t give good feedback I always doubted myself and when a faculty appreciated my work, I thought I was doing well. Sounds familiar to each one’s life. Isn’t?

But Why Are We Doing It?

Like are we chasing appreciation or likes and comments? Is that so then that’s really not good motivation coz those compliments depend on external things.

We should do things for ourselves and not in a selfish way. Firstly, stop thinking about what others might think about you. Respect that everybody has their own lives. And also remember not everyone is waiting for you to do something. 

All that matters is

“People don’t like to be between attention-seekers rather to be between confident” as it inspires them.

Now, How To Become Confident Without Crowdsourcing?

Since childhood, we are taught to be around good friend’s environment as it affects us so just follow the same hang around confident people and you will become confident by yourself.

One, Famous person said,

“We copy each other’s behaviour”

That’s how I also learned not to search for validation. Confidence is something that starts from self-belief, something that you create within you.

Think, Feel & Execute It

You will come across several successful persons and they have worked hard for themselves and at the same time also provide value to other people. As they do not bother about the thinking of others, they spend their time enhancing their skills and works.

And the best part is looking in yourself and not outside, knowing your capabilities is something that automatically boots your inner-selves.

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