Effects of Parents fighting on teenagers

Home is such a place where we can have our own peace and comfort, be by ourselves where we can discuss about our problems with our parents who can guide us, specially such guidance is very essential for teenagers but nowadays most of the teenagers can relate to this problem of having abusive parents with whom they have to deal with it is very normal that at such times children don’t understand what to do and how to deal with such toxic environment, and gets distracted.

Facing such fights are very tough for a teenager heart beat becomes fast hands and legs start trembling, they get tensed and ultimately can’t concentrate in their studies, at times such fight leads the child to think that it would be better if they run away from the house.

So what should be our role at such times?

Firstly we should try to calm ourselves because if we remain tensed then we cannot perform the very basic task also. We have to understand that having conflicts, arguments is a very basic thing, we also argue with our brothers and sisters, when two persons views don’t match or they have different opinion then such conflicts are very normal to take place, it’s not that if parents are arguing then that argument is going to remain forever with them it’s for a temporary period of time and if we get tensed at such times then it’s going to affect us mentally and we will be unable to concentrate in our own career.

Now the very common problem due to which these certain conflicts take place are such as the father coming home late, not giving proper time to his family, drinking problem, excess expenditure, or health issues. After such conflicts children are made the medium of passing conversation between the two parents.

Children are soft hearted when they overhear such fights the conversations that are taking place dung the fight in the heat of the moment can break a child’s heart, they get nervous and start thinking that what will happen next, so the first and foremost thing that a child at this moment should do is not to overhear such conversation, it’s very common that they get curious to know the reason of the fight hence such activity should be totally avoided, listen to music, stay in your own room or go to some friends place during that time, just don’t overhear the reason of the fight as that can create a negative impact on one’s mind.

Various times parent’s do involve their son/daughter and ask them their opinion or whose side they want to be in, so at such time a child should not talk on behalf of any one and ask their parents to not to involve them in such fights.

Now coming to the main point that what should one do when parent’s fight for the whole day?

So, at such times the foremost thing that one should do is talk with their parent’s face to face. Open up yourself in front of them tell them how you are feeling, how you are getting affected because majority of the times parent’s don’t even realize that there fight is having such serious consequences on their son and daughter, let them understand your problem until they realize their child’s point of view such fights can occur again.

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