Skills you need to develop to get placed in Tier-1 Law Firms

For a student who from a non-NLU and interested in corporate job needs to develop certain skill in order to secure a job in the top tier law firms. Some colleges don’t even offer on campus placement where the securing of a job in the top tier firms becomes more challenging. Development of certain skills in order to secure a PPO is the only option left and it has a benefit instead where you can choose your job in your specific field if interest then which is not possible otherwise, as in the on-campus placement one doesn’t gets to choose the particular field that they are interested and can do better there and settles for the job that they are offered.

So proceeding to the set of skills that one needs to achieve:

Firstly , one needs to have good command over English Language, It is the most essential skill set. If one wants to develop their language, they should read blogs, watch English movies, increase the vocabulary (Norman Lewis can be very helpful), try to write blogs and publish research papers, content writing in short do every possible thing in order to excel in this area.

Court visits are very essential in order to understand how proceedings takes place, law schools just gives you the theoretical knowledge, but having practical knowledge and skills is very essential, proximity to courts, law firms is therefore very important.

When you apply for internship then the associates might ask to look up for relevant case laws, points of law, interpretation and if you fail to do so or give some wrong information then they will not give you any job, on the other hand if you provide them some relevant point then they will be impressed by your work and allot you further work.

Contract Drafting – While doing an internship associates might ask you to proof read a contract and if you have knowledge about contract drafting then only you can give some suggestions which is not possible otherwise.

Have patience- Every work that is given to you while your internship tenure is important, how much small that work might be.

It is a common mistake that students do is they think that internship is a place to learn, now no body while the internship will teach you how to do things unless they know that the intern is going to be there for at least one year. Internship is a place for performance rather and to prove yourself worthy of getting the job, so before you go for internships prepare yourself.

If one is interested in technology law then gain knowledge about cyber law, For Intellectual property law go for intellectual property and media courses, if interested in the transaction team then one has to gain knowledge in Mergers and Acquisition and  Investment law, opt for company law, arbitration law, taxation courses based upon your field of interest, but having an overall knowledge about all of these is also essential when you are not sure about which team you are going to get placed in.

Build up your network, and connections. Impress people, present papers in front of such people who you think can help you in getting placed. Building up of such network is a very important aspect. Make a profile on LINKEDIN and follow such people to get latest updates and choose your path effectively.

Be persuasive, have clarity in your communication, you should also be able to delegate work, Flexibility towards the work and learning to adapt any work quickly can be very beneficial for yourself. Always listen with full focus.

The easiest way to get recommended for an internship in a tier-1 firm is through recommendation by a partner or a senior level associate, and such recommendation can only be possible if you have succeeded to impress a senior level associate of the firm.

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By following these steps one can easily manage to get placed in such big law firms.


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