Article 370 – Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu Kashmir, the crown of India, the land of apples and scenic beauty , the land of diverse cultures, the land of saffron and the land of religious places. The words will fall short to describe the crown of India and the heaven on Earth ie Jammu Kashmir.

The land with such a diversified cultures and a happening state where people don’t even think twice to visit either their summer or winter vacations, where children are aroused and excited with the scenic beauty of the state and enjoy the white snowfalls and which forms the heart and soul of the incredible India.

“The Switzerland of India” Sri Nagar” and all the aromatic and delicious delicacies are all found in the ever-happening state of Jammu and Kashmir. But this beautiful land was engulfed in the wrath of Article 370 which deterred its image and because of this many citizens faced the problems, it led to the tremendous growth of terrorism in the state, central government approach in the state was negligible leading to hindrance of development in the state , many important laws in the country could not be executed into the state.

The State which has its mentions in the Indus-Valley Civilisation, Medieval India and even in the times of Maurya Period, Gupta Period and even in the current Modern Period, the poets such as  , Nund Rishi,  Mahmud Gami, Vishnu Sharma, Lagadha, Nagasena whi describes the beauty and the paradise on earth ie Jammu and Kashmir in their beautiful poems, where thousands of literature in Veds and Puranas, Delhi Sultanate Chronicles and Mughal Chronicles have been written on the state and where the Gods from heaven want to reside here, was under the trap of Article 370 which deterred its development and progress.

The painful story of Article 370 and why it was a need of hour to implement in the state is as follows-

Maharaja Hari Singh who was the king of Jammu and Kashmir wanted it to be called another Switzerland. He did not want to merge Jammu and Kashmir and due to a weak armed forces Hari Singh was forced to ask India for help. India agreed to help only if Jammu Kashmir would merge with India. Hence there was an agreement signed between Maharaja Hari Singh and Jawahar Lal Nehru on 26 October, 1947 and also a special privilege was given to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 (eventually written by Gopalaswami Ayyangar)

Pros of Scrapping Article 370-

There were many flaws and the common citizens of the state had to bear the brunt of problems and difficulties because of this article. The problems were well addressed and came into limelight when our Honourable Home Minister Shri Amit Shah Ji addressed the whole things about the negative impacts and difficulties faced by the citizens in the state in Parliament in 2019.

This Article helped the three political parties ie National Conference, Congress and People’s Democratic Party to exploit the state according to their rules and regulations and thus problems were faced by the people . But after the Central Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to scrap Article 370 (ie providing special status to Jammu and Kashmir) the people especially in the region of Ladakh rejoiced and welcomed this decision with their full heart.

The State now being divided into a Union Territory ie UT of Ladakh and UT of Jammu and Kashmir can see the path of progress and sense of independence after this decision. The scrapping of this decision led to the feeling of inculcation of nationalism, patriotism, sense of freedom, feeling of responsibility and most importantly, the youth of the state now can see a brighter future and the state can again rejoice the feeling of being a part of India in a complete sense and can proudly enjoy its vibrant culture as being a part of India fully.

Now through the media, we can see the Indian Tri Colour in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir and every citizen of the state are seeing writing on the walls-“I am an India and I love my mother land.People on FB, Twitter,WhatsApp etc are all praising the decision of scraping of the decision of Article 370.

Funding in Terrorism has been hit really hard and a record low terrorist activities have been recorded in the UT. New investment opportunities have been announced for the UT of Jammu and Kashmir which will enhance the job opportunities and create lot of business opportunities along with ever increasing cash revenue in the UTs of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. These two union territories will be the torch bearers of the development of India if proper execution of developmental programmes are formulated by the Central Government.

The stone pelters who used to throw stone on military people, police officers and the civilians who are staying in the state has now been significantly reduced in numbers and the lives of the civilians and the workers of the state have now started gradually improving and will improve in the future as well all because of the bold yet the strongest decision taken by any Central Government ever in the politics of the country.

The lives which had became hopeless, screwed under the constant fear of terrorism and tension related to religious riots in the state have now started slowly yet gradually improving in the state and the future perspective of the state seems brighter and secure.

Many new highways, railways, transport could now be easily accessed in these two UTs and many important , fundamental rights and citizen welfare programs of Central Government such as “Beti Padhao-Beti Bachao, Triple Talaq Law, Ujjwala Yojana , Mudra Yojana, Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana etc could now be easily implemented into these two UTs thanks to the scrapping of Article 370 without the consent of the State Government.

By the 1954 order, 94 of 97 entries in the Union List apply to Jammu and Kashmir 26 out of 47 items of the concurrent list have been extended, 260 of 395 articles have been extended to the state, besides 7 of 12 schedules. An interesting fact is that major constitutional amendments were made in the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution. But the President had no right to do it under Article 370.

All these can happen in a ever happening and lively Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh because of a firm determination and will power of the concerned and hardworking  authorities of the country. The social media is most important medium to generate any information that is happening around the country and the news related to Jammu and Kashmir nowadays is mostly coming as positive.

Their has been an environment of  positive mindset and the outlook of the people towards the state has significantly improved. There have been tons of opportunities which are being created in the state through financial Coordinations, Business Aspects, Road and Infrastructural Projects etc. The valley looks now more quieter and safe then it was earlier.

Though some of the positive outcomes of the state has been exaggerated , but overall the future of the state in overall analysis can be considered as secure and it can be assumed that the state can compete with the other states of the country in terms of roadways, railways, infrastructure, ease of doing business, new industries etc. The state full of potentials and ever-looking development oriented outlook was once trapped under the wrath of Three Political Dynasties has now been completely freed and has developed a positive outlook of development and industrial outgrowth.

Cons of Scrapping Article 370-

With every pros there are cons as well for every action. In the situation of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, though every citizen of this country thinks that scrapping Article 370 was a really a brave and bold decision, but still some citizens of these union territories don’t think in the same stream. The vey first thing is that the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir had never mentioned the minority in it. In this Muslim dominated constitution, the Rights Of the Minority were never questioned.

In fact, it was also only one state with no tribal rights. Even the revocation of Article 35A is being seriously challenged because now the Non-Permanent Residents can also buy land in Kashmir. Initially, the right was possessed by only the permanent residents. One might lose the permanent resident status if they married Non-Kashmiri’s.

The other thing that is fearing the locals are the loss of Kashmiri Identity in the hands of the intruders. The long tension between India- Pakistan has further escalated due to the scrapping of Article 370. We can hear the deaths of our beloved soldiers and terror activities in the news by Pakistani army and terrorist.

Further, the opposition are really worried, frustated and angry and are thinking how can such a development- oriented welfare programs be oriented in the state. Many sections especially the Muslims are not happy with the scrapping of Article 370 in the State because they have lost their unique Kashmiri identity.

Many traitors of the country have now become active and at any cost could spoil and destroy the image of the country due to this. The Pakistani military groups have been fed up as why Article 370 has been scrapped from the State as now their political as well as strategical agendas could now not implemented easily into the state with the help of so called military personnel’s in the form of stone pelters, terrorists and some of evil-minded political parties in the state which worked as watchdogs of Pakistan.

The scrapping of Article 370 could hamper the relations between India and Pakistan and even India and China which is looking for its foothold on the entire state which would result in tensions, fear and threat of war between India and China and India and Pakistan, Already India has lost major portion of Jammu and Kashmir in the hands of Pakistan (LOC) and China (Aksai Chin, Ladakh) and scrapping of Article 370 has erupted the feeling of poison and hatred between India and its enemy Countries.

We all remember the incident of Mumbai Blast in 2008. This can even happen in the future because who knows the evil intentions of Terror Funding Pakistan . Further there has been reports of constraint relations between India and China which can be seen open challenge or invitation of war. If war happens , the GDP of these countries and development progress will gradually fall down and there will sheer bloodshed in the name of war all around.

Already religious riots have taken its ugliest forms in the state and this will eventually not stop which is a source of concern for the concerned authorities. So to maintain peace and balance in the State everyone has to come up with the effective solution which not hamper the progress and development of the state and which would not result in the bloodshed f many innocents in the name of war, Scrapping of Article 370 and religious.

Finally, in the end it should all be concluded that India was always a sovereign country where Jammu and Kashmir forms the ethical part of the country , which is the heart, soul and the crown of India, which can never be taken by any  intruder or  traitor and will progress towards development through fundamental and democratic means where the local citizens will enjoy every benefit like any other citizen of the country. That’s the story of “Switzerland of India” and the aftermaths after removing its Article 370 ie it’s special status .

The heart and crown of India is Jammu and Kashmir and will always  be forever because this is the land where once great scholars, poets, artisans, craftsmen and many other renowned people used to reside here, this is the land which is the most beautiful place on the planet earth, this is place which cannot be given to intruders at any cost and this is the place where armies, soldiers, common people can sacrifice their lives just for the sake of saving their motherland from the intruders. This is truly an amazing place and will always be.Jai Hind!

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