Why I call myself Privileged Wife

A couple of days ago, I had shared this article in one of the Mom’s Group on Facebook.

Here under is the link to the said article.

Get a Life Eros Now

The basic crux of the article was, Eros Now, a leading production house in India, had created some distasteful memes by objectifying women and by making fun of Navratri on Twitter. After Twitter Roared, they Company took down the Meme but the Twitteratis were furious. The damage had already been done. The anger was already piling up.

When I shared this article in the group. A lot of women commented on Women’s safety and how media should stop objectification of women and to clean up the mess called Bollywood. One woman all of a sudden came and pounced on me saying that I am a pseudo feminist because I call myself a Priviledge Wife and write about Women’s right.

I never said I am a feminist. It is not the first time I have experienced it, whenever, I have spoken about Women’s right, I have been branded a feminist and expected to hate men. Why should I ? I have a Father, Father-in-law, Brother, Son, Friends, who are all men and love me to the core, so why should I hate them. On this website, I have written about Men’s Right, Animal Rights, LGBTQI Rights and almost everything under the Sun, so how does that make me a Pseudo Feminist?

The problem is we are so influenced by this concept of Feminism, that we have forgotten to understand, what we are and who we are. We are so obsessed with hating someone that, we forget to respect men as another human being. I am not saying that women are always right or victims and men are always wrong or predators. I am saying that everybody can make a mistake or commit a crime. It is the human tendency to do so. Crime is not gender specific.

Now coming back to the same point of why is the tag line of my website The Priviledge Wife

Somehow the fees charged by me should be directly proportional to my Husband’s Income. Yes, I do have a good home in the city of Mumbai, I am well qualified, thanks to my parents, I have a peaceful life, thanks to my husband, in-laws and kids. So in a way I am priviledged. Trust me each one of us has worked hard to achieve this Priviledged life. Nothing came easy for anyone of us, and I am happy that I am Proud.

Coming down to the second part, why Priviledge Wife.

I am happy and proud to be married to my husband. As, a lawyer, I do take up Divorce Cases but does that mean that I should be mean and rude to my Husband and in-laws. There is a common perception between a lot people that we lawyers need to keep on fighting with other people. Yes, I do stand up for what I believe is wrong but that does not mean I need to have a disturbed marital life. Yes,I am a happy wife, content wife and marriage has given me certain priviledges, so what is the harm in accepting the same in front of the world.

I started writing again only after became a mother. I wrote about my son and his habits first. If I wouldn’t have had a good marriage and a child probably I would have never started writing about Parenting.

Even today, I fail to understand the concept of branding someone for their actions, especially women. If you talk to the opposite sex, you are a loose character person, if you wear revealing clothes, you are a slut, if you drink , you are inviting trouble with your absent mind. Why, cannot you just accept us, for how we are and what we are ?

P.S. I am not a feminist, but yes I am A lawyer, An Enterpreneur, A Wife, A Mother, Daughter, Daughter- in Law. Anything but a pseudo Feminist.

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