Sing a song of love and care that soothes and makes me calm.

Let me dream and run around in the fairy world and hold me in your arms.
The bond between a mother and her child is beyond words. It cannot be replaced by any other feeling in the world.When you’re with your mother you tend to forget all the worries and you know that whenever you’ll need her she’ll always be there .When you’re getting scolding from your father or any other person she’ll protect you . When she is unable to help you out and finds out that you’re in distress she will cry alone and she’ll pray for you.

She forgets herself just for you and dedicates her whole life looking after you. She’s a great and wonderful teacher in her own way, she’ll give you a lesson to be strong and to never give up under any circumstances. Even if she is unable to sleep for any other reason she’ll ensure that you sleep peacefully. She always sings a song for her child- Lullaby.

Lullabies or the bedtime stories are age old practice. Some of us sing songs for our young ones, while some mothers are not able to do so. Lullaby or a cradle song is a soothing song sung by a mother for her child or is sung by our grannies.Studies shows that it not helps the baby but it also has a soothing or calming effect on mother.

Children love hearing their mother’s voice as it is the most familiar thing even before they are born.

Why should we sing Lullabies for our children?

I have two children and it is one of our bedtime rituals that I have to sing a song for them (or else I will have to read a story for them), well, I am not a good singer (still they love my songs). They love the song Chanda hai tu (Aradhana) or Good Night (Ferrari ki sawari). It is not important what you are singing, the important point is that they find it relaxing no matter what and they find it soothing. It makes them sleep early.

Studies have shown that the mother singing or just humming the song for the baby has a better effect than the recorded music.

Children love hearing their mother’s voice. It makes them calm and composed and the message is conveyed that they are being loved. It boosts their confidence.

Lullabies are effective not only for a mother but also for her child. It helps them to bond with you and connect with you.

It boosts children’s imagination power and also their communication skills as well. Sing a song as a ritual during the night time. You too will feel it soothing and relaxing as well as your child. Its okay to sing the same song repetitively.

After few days, you will enjoy thesong as your child will sing the same with you. No matter what, try to avoid the recorded sound. And remember that you are making some fond memories for rest of your life.

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