My First Day in Court

Being a law student, I know that more than academic progress, practical knowledge is necessary for a law student to move freely towards the legal path. So I sought an internship during the third year of my B.A.LL.B fifth semester holidays in my native town Cumbum, Theni.

     We have Uthamapalayam court, a combined court of Magistrate court, Munichief court, Sub -court, and Fast tract court near our Cumbum. And, There was my first courtroom experience in my lifetime. Thinking of that itself brings me blushing and motivation.

      On the morning of that day, I wore neat ironed black pants, a white shirt, and a black blazer. While seeing me in the mirror, my vision sight went half towards my childhood framed photo which was in the cupboard. I took it in my hand with a smile because that was the photo of my fancy dress competition in which I looked in an Advocate costume. Yes, to become an Advocate is my long time goal from my childhood and now I am doing my law degree. That brings me more confidence.

       I did my internship in a criminal law office under the famous Adv.Mr.Napoleon, Adv.Mr.Azhagu Vel, Adv.Mrs.Jansi, Adv.Mr.Prabhakaran, and Adv.Mr.Vijay. All my senior advocates were very friendly to solve my doubts and very patient to teach me. On my first day in court, I was given certain papers and those were 317 & 256 petitions attached with 20 rupees stamps which were for the accused absent & complainant absent petition. I was nervous and keenly observing case numbers said loud by the court officers. As soon as our client’s case number was called out, I remembered and gave the petitions to my senior since I was a student to address them on behalf of the client.

        Every successful advocate knows that initially, they started from a diary work while they were juniors. Yes, I too handled the duty of handling the office diary. For a Lawyer, their Diary plays a very important role because it is their main support system. Generally every Advocate maintains his own Office Diary and also if it is a big law firm, then all Advocates enter the details of the case in the common office Diary.

So what exactly does this Prominent Diary Contain. The Lawyers generally upload the status of the cases, the previous date on which the Case was last heard and the next date on which a particular case would be heard. It is mandatory for a lawyer to fill up their Diary as soon as they are back from the Court. Unfortunately, in our Country Cases go on for many years. When we have the updated status in our Diary, it is also helpful for our collegues to understand, where the case was last time.

With the help of the diary, I followed our client’s case and informed it to my seniors.  Not only I stop going to court but also I go to my office where the client often comes and says their problems. So that helped me to observe the clients, interact with the third persons, eradicated my fear to talk to others, and trained me to do a few client counseling.  Every moment in my court practice I enjoyed and learnt. It was almost like taking a first step towards fulfilling my dream.

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  1. Great…… Yeah….!!! Definitely the first day of court visit with our senior is very important for law student but the understanding mindset by the first day in court was different from each other. I saw my first day experience with my senior was understood by me having little different from yours. Andalso I Missing my office and court for last 8 months.. but your experience has taken by you is very well… Congrats.. continue a practice well…


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