Get a Life Eros Now !!!!

I came across the so called memes posted by Erosnow. If you haven’t seen them yet. Here they are.

So basically, I know that they have very bad taste in their aesthetics, considering they are in creative field. But what was the person creating the Meme thinking before he made them. I want to know the name of the drug he had consumed.

As if it is bad enough that our present generation does not know the importance of any festival. We have such so called creators who think they know everything and can get away with anything. It’s perfectly ok to be atheist, it is an individual choice. But why hurt the sentiments of people who are celebrating a festival.

The problem is we just stopped telling the importance of festivals to our children and that is the reason why such results come out. People think that it’s ok to mock religion and rituals because they are desperate to be cool and noticed.

This Act by Eros Now reminds me of that one kid, who will desperately do anything for attention, even if it means to commit murder or something grevious. Just a few days ago, we were talking about women being victim of a henious crime such as rape, domestic violence, honour killing and sadly in the festival, where we celebrate womanhood, they are objectifying women?

I don’t want to give a lecture on Moral Science but when people loose their consciousness and sane mind. I need to do it. Eros now and the agency that created it, please hire some decent copywriters and social media consultants. If despite being in the industry for so long if you do not understand the term decency, I wonder how do you people treat your female employees in office.

A few days ago, I had openly supported the Tanishq advertisement for a simple reason that even if there was a religion difference, they had shown respect to practice. Unlike these leeches and perverts at Eros now. I hope in future they do better attempts at creating an advertisement and not behaving like a prostitute enticing her clients by wearing revealing clothes. If you want to be Naughty learn from Durex ads who are classy and send across the message very well.

I know competition is real bad in the industry but that does not mean that you stoop so low. You may not respect my religion or me as a women. That is your choice. But atleast don’t make such memes which will entice people to consider women as object. We all have enough problems in our society but we do not want pervert minded idiots to be another problem.

A small hashtag and trend made you loose 2℅ shares in an hour. Learn to respect women or else this Navratri you face the real wrath of women if we can be Durga, we can also be Kali and Chandalika. Stop objectifying women and understand the essence of a festival or else your employees may soon have their CVs floating in the market. Remember the internet is a bitchy place, it keeps memories forever.

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