Puja and Politics

Durga Puja is the most important celebrated festival of Bengalis. Though the corona outbreak has reached its worst level still couldn’t reach to level to stop the celebration. The Bengal government themselves has provided an amount of Rs. 50,000 to each pandal group for the expenditure of puja pandals making. The Chief Minister of West... Continue Reading →

Decline of Democracy in India

To comprehend the heading where India's vote based system is moving, we can utilize remarkable information gathered from the Varieties of Democracy venture. The undertaking is one of the world's biggest consolidated endeavours to gather and distribute nation level information on fair execution. In the yearly report 2018, the creators at V-Dem portray India's decrease... Continue Reading →

From Liberal to Cosmopolitan Democracy

The possibilities then for the making of economical establishments of worldwide administration are unsure. Existing worldwide associations experience the ill effects of extreme vote based shortfalls and are driven by the interests of the elites of the most remarkable states, while non-state entertainers inside worldwide society do not have the intelligibility and authenticity to effectively... Continue Reading →

Democracy in present scenario

Introduction  The degree of sectarianism was held under restriction previously, on the grounds that at no other time did a sectarian political party accomplish such overpowering political power. The season has come in India when political leaders guarantee paradise on earth. Manner of speaking streams with full power. Charges are flung at rivals. The standard... Continue Reading →

Narcotics Problem in India

India has a very bad record when it comes to narcotics. The problem of narcotics and drugs has resulted in the weakening of the development and progress of the country and because of it , it has created the problems of mental as well as emotional health especially among the youths of the current generation.... Continue Reading →

Get a Life Eros Now !!!!

I came across the so called memes posted by Erosnow. If you haven't seen them yet. Here they are. So basically, I know that they have very bad taste in their aesthetics, considering they are in creative field. But what was the person creating the Meme thinking before he made them. I want to know... Continue Reading →

Migrant Crisis and CAA

How will the administration deal with people assigned as unlawful migrants? They will confront arraignment, extradition and detainment. Confinement focuses are being worked at a few areas across India to house these unlawful travellers likely including those Muslim Indians who don't fit the bill for the NRC. In light of the absence of removal concurrences... Continue Reading →

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