Myths Regarding Periods

First time period is a very stressful time for every women, I still remember when I got my period for the first time I was so scared to tell my mother and was constantly feeling uncomfortable as if something unnatural had happened with me. A women during this time needs to be supported and comforted but unfortunately in maximum parts of our society it is considered as something impure or any punishment that god has given them for being born as a female. We all have observed certain myth that is believed without knowing the actual reasons behind them and in turn women are made victim of certain false beliefs.

According to our Hindu Culture, women are not allowed to perform their daily routine work and the reason behind it was in the earlier times women were required to do heavy work, and daily chores of a huge family, so in order to give them rest and reduce their menstrual suffering they were asked to rest.

Women are not allowed to offer prayers; during their cycle considering them impure during that time but the real reason being that in the ancient times it was considered that women are so pure that she was considered as real goddess during that period.

Women are forbidden from entering the temple or worship premises the reason being to prevent girls from devdasi system during the earlier times where adolescent girls were forced into sex slavery, moreover temples during ancient times used to be constructed in secluded areas and travelling upto these temples could be more hectic for the women during this period.

Women during this time are told to maintain distance from their family members, the reason being to provide women enough privacy so that they could rest during this time.

Women’s are also called impure during this time, so they are prohibited from touching any object as they are considered to get contaminated, according to ayurveda during this time women cleanse their body so for that specific period she was required to avoid touching any object which in turn becomes unclean.

According to our religion, or culture women are never considered as impure there were certain reasons to put restrictions on certain activities with the sole motive of providing these women’s their required privacy and rest.

Now coming to the fact that they are prohibited from entering into the temples, so every hindu temple have their own set of rules, in some temple males are also prohibited from entering, certain temples are made for only people of a specific religion, and in certain temples women are prevented from entering, only by entering a particular temple women empowerment doesn’t gets proved.

Similarly certain myths that are considered by the people of society without knowing the proper cause behind such rules should come to an end, time has changed it is no more ancient times there is huge development, and it is hard specifically for women of this generation to maintain certain rules in their home and their work place.

The problem is that we have been blindly following some systems in our society, without even understanding the real reason behind the same. It is high time that we as a new generation, learn to understand the reason behind the actual practice. So that we take care of our health as well as enjoy our festivals.

This age old myth has also been harming a lot of women unknowingly. Women particularly during the festival seasons, tend to consume medicines, which will help them in getting their periods early or in delaying the same. These medications not only tamper with your hormonal system but also lead to other health complications. Earlier, there were joint families, where it did not matter if one woman was unable to participate in the rituals. But today, we live in a nuclear family and therefore it is tough to follow these rituals and restrictions.

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