Secularism and CAA

Click Here to read the previous article, before proceeding to read this article Dangers to Secularism While, the Indian Constitution announces the state being totally nonpartisan to all religion, our general public has saturated with religion. Blending of Religion and Politics that is activation of decisions on grounds of early stage characters like religion, rank... Continue Reading →

Meaning of Secularism

Introduction For me, the word 'secular' holds no fear. Rather, I am aware of the organizers of India's secular constitution, for example, B R Ambedkar and Rajendra Prasad. Their aim in elevating secularism was to perceive officially the religious variety of Indian culture. Mohandas Gandhi, the motivation behind the Constitution, was himself a profoundly religious... Continue Reading →

Myths Regarding Periods

First time period is a very stressful time for every women, I still remember when I got my period for the first time I was so scared to tell my mother and was constantly feeling uncomfortable as if something unnatural had happened with me. A women during this time needs to be supported and comforted... Continue Reading →

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