The Problem about Generation Gap

The problem about generation gap

The term generation gap is something that we commonly use, whenever we have any difference with someone who is not around the same age as us. So let us start from the very beginning with the term generation gap, it basically refers to the difference of thinking process between the people of two different generations and therefore certain conflicts arises.

From 1960 according to a study, that the thinking process of the kids, their way of understanding and reasoning differ from that of their parents which led to the end of certain stereotypical things, and they just don’t follow blindly to what their parents say or assist the path to follow. In India this problem of generation gap is very much evident from the last four to five years.

So let us understand why such generation gap came into existence in the first place?

Changes always occur when there is a revolutionary change regarding something in the World. So in the last few years there has been a revolution of technology and science, with the upcoming of social media, websites where one can easily gain knowledge about certain field of interest the choices and thought process of these children have also changed.

Before 10 to 15 years people used to like different things their taste of everything was different but now there is a huge difference in this thought process as a result child go for different jobs, and field of interest which they really enjoy. For example previously students used to aspire only for Doctor, Engineering, Bank manger, or maybe some other government job such as IPS, IAS etc, but in today’s generation there is a lot more option such as with the boom of social media there has been a shift of interest of people towards digital marketing, or with the shift of interest of people in photography and designs there has been a increase of interest of students in these all fields also.

Before few years as parents they couldn’t even think of certain careers as an option, so there has been a huge change in these thinking process, today’s children don’t just follow what their parents say to them, they reason out everything and want to go for those career that is evident in today’s world and in huge demand and which interests them.

Students get to access things much earlier than their parents. For example a parent when starts using or understanding a smart phone is in their middle age, whereas a student gets access to these devices much earlier than their parents, so it is largely possible that a student might know something which a parent doesn’t know.

It is very essential for the parents to be flexible and think from their perspective also about the field that their child is instead interested in, it might be possible that the career that they opt for might be wrong or right but as a parent if a prior through research is done then they can instead assist their child the right way to go. In this way there will be a lot less conflicts among the parents and the child and they will be not stressed or get drifted apart from their parents.

How to avoid clashes due to Generation Gap in a house ?

Communication is one key aspect. Listening skills is something that both the elders and the younger ones need to have, before communicating. Most of the times, we presume that just because we have expose of everything, we know everything. There is a small difference between Exposure and Experience. One needs to understand and respect both. There are some situations in life, which will be tricky, wherein you will require both Exposure and Experience.

Respect is essential in every realtionship. If you cannot respect another individual, then it would be tough for you to form a relationship with a person from your relationship also.

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