How children learn from observation

There is an interesting concept of pretend play or make belief, encouraged in most of theschools and playgroups where a child enacts the role of any individual he likes.

For example, the child is asked to become like a Doctor , so he pretends to examine his patient and give medicines, he tries to showcase the behaviour of the doctor he has experienced (observed) or at times. We have seen some children have a habit of enacting their parents. They observe their parents’ behaviour and they try to imitate them in their play or sometimes even when having general conversations. Sometimes, children also copy our body language and our expressions unknowingly.

My children are very inspired and they are in love with the youngest super cop, Little Singham. He is a fictional cartoon character from Discovery Kids, whose mission is to destroy all the evils from Mirchi Nagar and to protect it. The message conveyed by the youngest super cop is overlooked by my kids. For them he is a Superhero/stuntman who keeps on doing stunts like jumping up in the air, giving a nice hard kick to villains etc.

Children are very innocent and they are very good observers too. They observe things keenly and learn them immediately. At times, we don’t even realise that they are watching us constantly and learning from our behaviour. A Child’s brain is like a sponge as they absorb things whether good or bad instantly. It is very important to pay close attention to our behaviour.

We need to create a positive environment in order to avoid any disaster, we have to be extra careful about the same. Well, I had to explain to them about the concept of little Singham and how they are meant to be kept for watching the purpose only, and if not followed, they will face repercussions of the same. Many a times children tend to immitate, what they see on Television and end up facing accidents. Yes, it can get tough sometimes, when explaining them about the difference between fiction and reality but it is important that we tell them the negative consequences of adopting the actions of the super heroes.

It is important for the parents to create a safe environment for children at home. A few years ago there was an advertisement with respect to awareness about Domestic Violence, wherein two children pretend play in front of their parents as couples. After sometime, the boy casually says, I will come home, throw away the food cooked by you and then close the door and hit you. At this moment the parents are shocked, when they realise how they have been injuring the tender minds of their children unknowingly. Hereunder is the said short film.

To be on the safer side, I introduced them to Masha and the Bear and Peppa pig.

We should encourage our children to follow habits which will help them in developing their skills and to make them a better individual. We should teach them to help you out in performing household chores. Household chores are the routine task which we perform on a daily basis. Tasks like cleaning, washing, gardening etc.

We can introduce them by assigning simple tasks initially and it should be age-appropriate. My son likes to help me by cleaning his room when he is done studying, or he will put away his toys at their proper place, or he keeps the wash-room clean after using it. This helps him in understanding that he needs to keep the stuff where it belongs and now his younger brother assists him doing the same. Now even my younger son is learning to help me with the task which he can perform. Both my children like taking turns when it’s time to serve food, one of them provides water while the other one helps to serve chapatis.

Why is it important to teach our children the importance of household chores?

  1. Children enjoy working with you and this will make them understand the importance of work . They feel that they are important and responsible members of the family.
  2. It will make them independent and responsible.
  3. They understand the amount of energy you are putting in doing any work, and they
    try to avoid messing up things as they know that they are accountable.
  4. It helps them to understand the concept of team-working.
    It also helps to bond with your child as he would like to talk about their day, about their friends. They like appreciation so it motivates to work more efficiently.

It is important that children understand that chores are basic skill sets required for survival. Do not teach them gender bias at a young age.

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