Health is Wealth – healthy food for pregnant mothers

From ages we women tend to ignore ourselves. We fail to understand that a person who is in good physical shape is the well-heeled person. This implies specially to women. She is the person who take care of all and sundry ignoring her own health.

I am a mother of two boys. They have difference of about 4 years. My first pregnancy was the easy one, except for nausea. I would say it was easy as I went for routine prenatal check-ups and followed my doctor’s suggestion. I was very active, I was running everywhere and doing my chores without any obstacle or uneasiness. I was taking care of myself and my fluids were in place. There were times when I forgot that I was even pregnant. I took care of my child very well. We played a lot; we danced and sang.

During my prenatal check-up my doctor explained me the importance of proper exercise. As I am a vegetarian, she suggested me following things.

  1. A pregnant woman requires at least 65 grams of protein in a day.  The main source of protein are Milk and milk products like cheese, paneer, curd etc., and dry fruits soaked in water overnight.
  2.  Iron consumption should be around 38 mg in a day. Our body needs iron to make blood. The main source of protein are leafy vegetables. You can also include Chana (chick pea) and jaggery (Gur) in your diet.
  3. Folic acid helps to prevent birth defect in brain and spine. A pregnant woman needs around 400 mcg in a day. Of which we only get around 12% in our diet. To increase Folic acid intake of green veggies, dry fruits and yellow fruits should be included.
  4. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid. It helps in development of a child’s brain and eyes. The main sources are Cod liver oil and Canola oil. During pregnancy, we need 200 milligrams of DHA each day.
  5. The most important thing which is Calcium. It should be consumed at least 100mg in a day. We get calcium in Milk and Milk products. It helps for bone development.

We should avoid spicy and oily food. Avoid eating Junk food and Maida. It increases acid reflux, heart burn and other digestive problem in our body. I have experienced this myself. I am a foodie, but when it comes to pav bhaji or vada pav I just can’t control myself. However, I used to spend my entire night having acidity and heart burn. I used to drink lots of water. From that day I avoided oily food as much as possible. The meal should be taken in small quantity and we should walk at least for an hour in pregnancy.

Substitute fresh fruits like apples, guava, banana etc., instead of having artificial juices as it may increase acidity and it contains preservatives which is not good for our health. Freshly squeezed juice like sugar cane is extremely healthy for pregnant woman. Drink water as much as possible, however, avoid drinking water at night.

Right Nutrition is required for both healthy mother and her baby in the womb. The baby or the foetus gets the nourishment from his mother. Healthy diet is crucial not only for child’s physical development but also for brain development. Proper diet during pregnancy helps us also to stay healthy and fit.

A Healthy Pregnancy also helps you to stay strong post partum. Remember Pregnancy is just the begining of the journey. You will be pampered and only get rest until the baby arrives. Once the baby arrives, your roller coaster ride of late nights and unlimited diaper changes will also arrive. It is important that as a pregnant mother that you consume sufficient amount of calcium and Iron as these two are the essentials that help you heal your body post delivery.

It is mandatory to have good amount of calcium for a mother and her baby, when she is Breastfeeding or the same will lead to N number of back pains and shoulder pains post delivery. A Healthy Diet, will not only provide good nutrition to your baby during breast feeding but will also keep you away from other body issues.

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