Things that you need accept about yourself

The number of youngsters, who are suffering from health complications these days is increasing day by day. We have started talking about Mental Health, yet we are indirectly doing and talking about things that only increase our mental stress.

Why ?

Because directly or indirectly we are all a part of the rat race, to excel in our society. Switch on your Television and every other advertisement tells you, how you are missing out something crucial in your life, because you are not using their products. The Television serials only further add to your complications by showing you that it is normal to have complicated relationships in our lives. The movies also show reality as larger than life, which we can barely relate to. The media has carefully played the role of creating insecurities in our lives.

We, have managed to sail through the Pandemic and this Pandemic has taught us a lot of things. The changes that we even did not expect , happened in the last few months. We were suddenly forced to make changes in our lives, knowingly or unknowingly. However, there are somethings that we now need to accept in our lives and make things perfectly normal.

It is absolutely normal to talk about your age

Ageing is a normal process. We are not going to remain the same forever, because we are not Vampires. It is absolutely normal to age and to show the signs of ageing.

It is absolutely normal to talk about your weight.

Indian Women especially are still not that health conscious. Our mind mainly revolves around the food to be cooked for the family and not for ourselves. How many times, do we end up eating more as we also eat the left over food of our children.Our Media has made an image that every woman needs to have a perfect hour glass fever post partum. Ladies and Gentlemen, you do not have to be conscious about your weight. It is absolutely normal to accept your body weight.

Say Bye Bye to Skin Tone and Fairness Creams

Even after millions of controversies, the brand Fair and Lovely changed its name to Glow and Lovely. Like calling it with any other name would really make any big difference. There is no hard and fast rule that only Fair people are permitted to survive in this world. Learn to accept yourself the way you are. Nobody really cares how you look, what people really care in the long run is how you treat them. Treat people right and you will always be surrounded by people.

It is aboslutely normal to be comfortable in your sexuality.

Even though today in India, Homosexuality is a taboo. There are still people who are ready to have a conversation around the same topic and that is what matters the most. Do not enter into a marriage just because you want to show to the society that you fir into their definition of being normal. No, you have to now learn to be comfortable in your sexuality only then you can convince the society to accept you as are.

Divorce is no longer a stigma.

This applies to both men and women. IT is ok to walk about of an abusive marriage than to stay together with your spouse for the sake of your parents and children. Yes, it is absolutely true that marriage needs a lot of arrangements and adjustments but if there is abuse in marriage in the name of customs and traditions or what the society thinks, then it is absolutely normal to walk out of a marriage.

Talking in your mother tongue is not regressive

I used to do product reviews for children’s products. When my son was around 3-4 years of age, he only spoke in his mother tongue i.e. malayalam. Whenever, I would talk to him in those videos I would record our conversation in Malayalam. Then in the description I would mention the entire conversation in English. But I rarely saw any mothers putting up videos of 3-4 year old child in their mother tongue. I am not against kids speaking English. But let them be natural. Let them learn to talk in front of the camera also in their mother tongue.

Social Media Challenges are done to increase the use of Social Media

The Dalgona Coffee Challenge, the Saree Challenge, Couple Challenge etc etc. are tricks used by the Social Media Companies to increase the activity and algorithm on the Social Media. These Campaigns are carefully planted by the Digital Marketing Agencies to increase the Algorithm of the Social Media. Yes, it is fun to participate in those challenges but do not feel left out if you are unable to participate in the same.

Every Human Being has limitation

WE are human beings and we are meant to have limitations and meant to be flawed. We need not always compare ourselves to others. Somebody or the other will be better than us. We need not always compare ourselves with them. It is high time that we accept ourselves, with our limited capabilities that we have and learn to respect and appreciate ourselves. It is beautiful to be flawed.

These are a few things that have changed over the past few years. The earlier you accept these changes, the better it will be for you. It is trendy and in to accept yourself the way you are.

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