Do Daughter’s have a Right to Property ?

Basic idea about the Hindu Succession Act:- The Hindu Succession act deals with two things i.e. Succession and Inheritance. This act is applicable on Hindus, Buddhist, Jain and Sikhs. According to this act there are two types of properties AncestralSelf Acquired Co-Parcener has a right over the ancestral property, and can claim their rights over... Continue Reading →

Effects of Population Explosion

Abstract Human overpopulation keeps on being a squeezing issue for the health and feasibility of the climate, which impacts the endurance and prosperity of human population s. Restricting the quantity of posterity one delivers or choosing to remain children  free might be seen as an environmental conduct (PEB) that can essentially diminish one's carbon impression.... Continue Reading →

Prime Minister’s Fund

Introduction:- After the COVID-19 declaration of pandemic and declaration of lockdown all over the country after which huge migrant workers problem came up. To deal with this problem PM Narendra Modi announced about a fund in 28th March “PM Cares Fund”—Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation Fund – which is a public... Continue Reading →

Why do we celebrate Sharad Purnima

Sharad Purnima holds a very special place in my heart. During my childhood days, in our old building, we used to celebrate Sharad Purnima at our building terrace. This was a day, when we had our society's yearly get-together. Masala milk with some snacks items would be served during the program. There were no fancy... Continue Reading →

Authoritative Structure for Banking Sector

Authoritative structure for the Banking Sector There are different banking laws and guidelines which are predominantly or mostly related with respect to how the banks work in the nation, they are as per the following The Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 It was established to comprise RBI with goals to manage the issue of... Continue Reading →

How to read a Bare Act, for beginners.

Bare Act in layman language can be explained as an original copy of words of provisions that were taken or used up by the lawmakers during the enactment of that particular act. Bare Act is the base of law subjects i.e. it is believed to be accurate and dependable by all the people in the... Continue Reading →

Banking Laws in India – Provisions and Law

Introduction According to the reports of the Reserve Bank of India ("RBI"), India's financial segment is adequately promoted and all around directed. The budgetary conditions and the economy right now are much better than any nation on the planet. Be it credit, market or liquidity hazard studies and overviews, they all propose Indian banks have... Continue Reading →

How rice is cultivated

Agriculture is a backbone of our country. I have been doing farming successfully in my land. This year we have sowed paddy in my land. Umpteen people's known about what's paddy... paddy is produced a rice. Rice is our staple food, yet not many people know, how Rice is produced. First stage of paddy        ... Continue Reading →

Analysing the New National Education Policy

India’s first policy for Education, was implemented in the year 1968 by the Indira Gandhi Government, and the second policy was implemented in 1986 in Rajiv Gandhi government which was modified in the 1992 by the P.V. Narashima committee and now after 34 years India’s new education policy was bought into action. Right to Education... Continue Reading →

Technology, can’t live without

Technology: Can’t Live Without It! “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”   – Christian Lous Lange These days we run our lives, oops got mistaken, we are run by technology. Tablets, Laptops, Smartphones, and what not??? Have you ever wonder about life without smartphones? Even for wondering about seems a joke to us.... Continue Reading →

Anticipatory Bail

Introduction After commission of an offence, accused is arrested by the police for the reason that he can be made available easily at the time of trial and can be punished. But if this can be achieved without keeping the accused in custody then personal liberty of accused is safeguarded and interest of justice is... Continue Reading →

Do we have a Right to Privacy

Do we have a Right to Privacy? Every State government has various functions but a State’s function is not to invade in one’s Privacy. Now the question comes whether the government is accountable then in order to receive information any information from the Government then one has the Right to Information Act (2005) can be... Continue Reading →

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