Indian Media during Covid – MyFriendAlexa Theme Revel – 2020

I love the Television. It is an integral part of my life. Even though we have moved on the new era of OTT Platforms, Television holds a special space in my heart. This year I had participated in the Blogchatter A-Z 2020, wherein my Theme was Indian Media during the 1990’s. A lot has changed in the last six months in our lives. Including how we consume our media and entertainment. With Cinema halls being shut down, our only source of entertainment in the last few months have been the Television and the OTT Platform. In some places,even newspapers were not available and therefore the only source of news for the majority were the Television and Digital Platforms.

So continuing my love for the Indian Television, I would like to write about the changing trends during the Covid 19 in Indian Television. From watching our old classic favourite shows on Doordarshan and other channels to switching on to the OTT Platforms to consume our favourite movies. There were certain major events in our country in the last few months. With 24*7 news coverage about Covid to the Media Trial in case of Sushant Singh Rajput Murder case, from the Nepotism Debate to the fight between India and China.

Television and the digital Medium was our only source of entertainment and connectivity, with different challenges that came up on Social Media to the Banning of TikTok app in India. How did these Saree Challenges and Couple Challenges, impact in our lives ? Did they make us happy or it was another method used by Facebook to ensure that people still use their Social Media.

Today, the definition of media has entirely changed. It is not limited to Television but also includes Social Media and OTT Platforms and Digital Media. They have become an integral part of our lives and we have learnt to stay with them and grow. Through this blog series, I will be sharing my experiences with each of these medium in the last 6 months.

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