When I revisited the Twilight Saga once again

Twilight was the second fiction series that I had read after Harry Potter. My friend was crazy about Vampires and forced me to read this series. Till then the only Vampires, I knew were from Scooby Doo Series. Till all happened at the age of 25. I read the first book and fell in love with Edward Cullen and wanted to get married to a Vampire rather than a normal Human Being. It is so boring to get married to a normal Human Being when you can have a Vampire 😛

It is the love story between an Immortal Family of Vampires, the Cullen Family, who reside at Forks, Florida and their son Edward, who falls in love with Isabella Swan. Isabella has recently moved to stay with her father, after her mother has happily married for the second time. Bella, meets Edward at School. The Cullen kids are Charming and Different i.e. they barely mingle around with the other kids and keep to themselves.

With time, Edward cannot keep himself from Bella and confesses his love for her. But there is something different about Edward. Just the fact that the Cullens are Vampires, who try to lead a normal life. Carlise, Edward’s father is a Doctor in the town and Bella’s Father is a Cop. Jacob (a Warewolf), is Charlie’s friend’s son, who is in love with Bella.

The Series is all about the challenges that Bella, Edward and Jacob face due to their complicated relationship status. What I love the fact is that When we Human ourselves find it difficult to adjust with another Humans, Edward and Jacob try their level best to understand relationships and its nuances. Human Relationships are complicated and flawed, yet we keep chasing the perfection in every relationship. Twilight attempts to be portray a fictional relationship between two species to be perfect.

It is more like a fairy tale, wherein even flaws are perfect. Which teenager, wouldn’t like to have a Boyfriend, who is rich, good looking, perfect in almost anything that he does and yet settles down for a simple girl, who is lost in the crowd. Bella is just a clumsy Human Being, with her own set of problems. (Kristen Stewart barely has any expression, wherein her character was someone who could have expressed so much). That was one major disappointment in the movie franchise.

The Cullens are uber-rich because they make their money from Stock Market as Alice can see the future. Therefore, the Collins can afford anything and everything under the Sun and barely have any expenses because first of all they do not eat or sleep. Even though before meeting Bella, they always kept to themselves and barely interacted with their other classmates. But after they met Bella, they not only warmed upto her but also other Human Beings. We can see how Alice invited their Human Friends to the Graduation Day party at their home. They were warm and open to all their friends. This movie was a little bit different from

After meeting Edward,Bella wanted to be a Vampire. Her desire was so strong that she was mentally prepared for the same and had learnt about the transition, their food habits well in advance. That may be the reason, why her transition was smooth and she adapted to their habits soon. (Also it is a movie so everything goes right with the main lead).

If this movie was made in Bollywood, Bella would still have tons of makeup on her face, even when she is giving birth to her child. Bella looks imperished, weak and somebody, who may die any minute. Trust me in Bollywood, the actress would have managed to look still so perfect and flawless.

A lot of fiction lovers often compare Harry Potter with Twilight. But the two series are absolutely different from each other. One series revolves around friendship and fighting against the evil, the other revolves around the love story between three people. The Harry Potter series is about Wizards and their lives and the fight against Voldemort.

These stories are called fiction for a reason. They are meant to be read, fantasized and then forgotten. We cannot expect logic in the same.

Twilight Series is written in 4 parts as a book and the movie franchise is in 5 parts.

In short it is a good way to kill time and drift away into the world of fantasy for a few hours. Please do not think or use your brains while reading or watching this series. Just live in the present moment with the characters and enjoy.

My Favourite Movie/ Book is Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn. I hate New Moon because Bella and Edward are seperated through maximum of the time. Though I am not really that fond of Jacob, somehow he comes across as an obsessive lover, who just does not know his limits. Yes Jacob is a very good friend but still I do not like him.

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