Our Eco- Friendly Ganesha 2020

We have been celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi from almost last 15 years. The basic reason why we started bringing Ganapati home was because we all simply loved the positive vibes that the festival brought with us. My both children are Ganapati’s Prasad, how, will tell you later sometime. So like every years with my packed bags and two kids in tow I reached at my maternal home at Vasai.

This year Ganapati was extra special for us. It was my brother and sister in law’s first Ganapati post marriage. Both being engineers and artist, took care of the decorations themselves. This being her first Ganapati, my sister in law, went all around our locality hunting for the preparations. Either ways we do not have any artificial decorations but just rely on the flowers from our Garden. My Sister in law made a good backdrop of paper flowers and also made a lighting using ballons and thread.

This year Ganesh Chaturthi was entirely different as compared to the previous years. Earlier before a fortnight only preparations would begin in the market. This year when I went to the market to purchase a couple of things, the shops were completely empty. The shops that once adorned multiple lights, garlands and decoration products, were now empty. There were no vendors on the street selling flower garlands, not many mithai shops were open. The options for shopping were limited and we had to make use of whatever limited options we had.

Over the years,we had made a lot of silver jewellery for Lord Ganesha, which we use every year. There were a lot of things that we missed this year. Our house used to have steady flow of guest but this year, we had no guest, except a few close relatives.

Since last year, we started brining home Eco-friendly Ganapti and started doing visarjan at home. This year this practice it was a plus point as we could do the visarjan at our garden itself. We had a peaceful Visarjan and my kids enjoyed a lot. These are the moments that they would cherish for their lifetime.

Due to the pandemic, there was no steady flow of guest. There were no steady flow of malai pedas. I enjoyed the home made sweets. Instead of the usual steamed modak, this time we made modaks from Poha, something similar to Unda made in Kerela.

Though there was no noise from the roads, this time but somehow, there was something missing from Ganesh Utsav this year. But this year even the God’s taught us the life of simplicity. I hope by the next year’s Ganesh Utsav, the Corona Virus has gone away for good. Praying for the welfare of every individual, who are trying hard to survive each single day.

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