Why Internship is a key to a good professional career.

The new National Education Policy in India has proposed Internship for students. This decision was received with a mixed reaction, while some people welcomed this decision open heartedly, some criticised it calling it a a new way to legalise child labour.

One of the reasons of ever increasing unemployment in India, is because a lot of graduates and also professionals do not have the required skill set for a job. They may have academic knowledge but the implementation of that academic knowledge is somethingthat they lack clearly. Our education system encourages rote learning at all stages of their academic years. Somehow, the idea of our school projects is to copy paste. We do not even bother about plagarism. Our children just randomly copy paste the information available over the Internet, without even bothering to understand the concept.

The idea behind doing an assignment or a project to have the practical understanding behind the concept or a subject. But alas neither are our teachers trained for the same nor are our children taught concept based topics. Today a child of 12 years old is much more mature than what a 12 year old in 90’s was. Children have different platforms for exposure, and information is also now accessible at a cheaper rate to one and for all.

Benefits of Internship

There are several benefits of doing your internships at a young age. One of the reason why students who pass out from Premium Institute and other Institutes is that the former has the benefit of Internship and therefore, makes them more appealing to the Corporates. Hereunder are the few benefits that the students have when they intern with local businesses before joining a Company post graduation.

Students have practical knowledge

It is important that students understand what they are learning. Once the students understand the concept, it will be easier to have professionals who actually know their jobs. Just because our society has been used to the rote system we forgot to think and understand concepts.

Companies do not have to spend a lot of amount on training

A lot of companies spend time and money and energy on training new recruits. If the students have been trained previously during internship, they are more adaptable to the working premises, and will learn things soon. Thus saving a lot of time for the companies and the students.

Students have a clear vision

Students who have previous experience of Internship will have more clear vision about what they want in life. Internship makes students more responsible and will help them have a clarity in life.

An individual will not waste his time by roaming around in the wrong field.

Students with Internship experience, have a clear vision about the field that they want to work in their future. Every profession has its own specialisation. A lot of young professionals are often lost because they do not have much exposure about the opportunities available in their respective fields. This journey from being lost to finding their right profession may cost a lot to some people.

An Internship provides, the students an opportunity to be trained under safe and structured environment from their Mentors.

How to apply for Internship

These days you have online platforms such as http://www.internshala.com and http://www.knowledgesteez.com, which list out internship opportunities regularly on their website. Simultaneously, you can also check on job portals such as naukri.com and monster.com, wherein they sometimes, do post about such openings. Don’t be hesitant in approaching people.

Simultaneously, you can also send across an email to the Corporate office of the Company. The best way to apply for internship is to connect with someone, who is working in that particular company or in that field and ask them to help you out with the same. Never hesitate in asking for help from anyone.

The purpose of internship is to remove your hesitation and prepare yourself for the big world.

Always remember that any experience will always teach you something. If it does not teach you what to do, it will definately teach you what not to do.

My Experience of Internship

I had worked as an Intern with Essar Constructions for a period of two months, during my MBA days. The experience was enriching and helped me develop and shape myself. This experience has also taught me a lot. I was initially posted in the Human Resources Department (Recruitment) and from there today I have grown to be a Group Head. The journey of 15 years has taught me more than I could ever learn in the classroom. Only experience can teach you beyond the four walls.

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