I love myself #valentines day special 

Once again it will be Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Ii just put my two kids to sleep and now attempting to sleep in the snoring music. Lost in my thoought, browsing through the Internet I wondered. 

Was this Day really important to me? I am sure tomorrow my social media feed will be full of lovey dovey pictures of couples and the gifts that they received. I may not have such pictures but hey what has stopped me from falling in love with a wonderful personality that is me. 

The Bollywood and our Society has taught us one thing. That women need a partner go make themselves feel special. We are never taught to self appreciate or to feel confident about our selves. Even if we do, then we are called proudy, over confident, showoff etc. Etc. 

So this Valentine’s Day, I HAVE decided to fall in love with myself and list down a few reasons to remind me why I am awesome. 

1. I make amazing Omlette

2. I have lovely handwriting. 

3. I am immensely patient with my kids. 

4. I have been doing my own facial at home. 

5. I love and nourish my dreams just like my children. 

6.i had one constant crush since the age of 15 till date aka John Abraham. 

7. I prefer, comfort over designer clothes, street food over restaurant food, dance above everything. 

8. I can control my hunger but not my sleep. 

9. I am too scared to face the camera. 

10. Dancing and drinking water solve all the problems in my life. 

These are just a pinch of reasons why I love myself. 

So this Valentine’s Day let us indulge in some self love and write down a small list on why we are awesome and why you love yourself. Whenever you feel low just read it out.. 

Do mention why you love yourself in the comment section. 

Happy Valentine’s Day

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