A secret way to go From Fat to Fit

It was 11 pm. Ananya had just finished cleaning the kitchen and was now relatively free. She was just passing by her children’s room. Luckily today her kids fell asleep soon. She was thinking about having a heart to heart conversation with her husband. Even though they stayed under the same roof, theirs was a long distance relationship. Not deliberately, but with time it just happened. They were going through the seven year itch in their marriage. 

The moment she entered the room. She saw Siddharth sprawling over the bed deep in his slumber. It was just another night for them. By the time, she reached the bedroom he was asleep. but this is somewhat their routine now. Tonight she had some news to share but now that news lies deep within her heart. She opened her purse, took out her phone, smiled and again started binge watching along with her favourite snack. Again tonight she slept embraced in the arms of the chips and not her husband. But that is how marriages are right. 

It was a new morning today. Not unlike yesterday. She had been anticipating in taking this step since long, but did not have the courage. Finally, social media motivated her. A random anonymous query in a group gave her the courage to follow her heart. Children had gone to their school, which meant 2 free hours of me time. She slowly pulled out the DVD and played it on the player. 

The cover said “Mommy Yoga with Celebrities”. At one point of time, Ananya was a National Level Athlete. Post children, post partum depression and with binge eating, she had put on some 30 kgs. It was a now or never moment for her. She started with the simple Asanas and then proceeded with other complicated Aasanas. Slowly and steadily, the visits to the supermarket for stocking junk food reduced. Slowly Binge Eating was replaced by Binge reading.

This month she also joined the gym, within 3 months Ananya had now managed to loose 5 kgs, with proper diet and exercise. Ananya now slowly reduced her proportion of side dishes aka junk food, which she used to consume regularly. She made one change in her body per day, which gave time to her body to adjust itself to the new diet, unknowingly. Slowly and steadily, she fell in love, not with anyone else, this time with her own body. Now she only felt guilty if she had not consumed her daily dose of buttermilk or oats. She replaced her unhealthy options with healthy food items. 

She was loosing almost 1 kg in 45 days or 2 months in sometimes. Though it was slow and gradual, the transition was permanent. 

Today is the opening of her fitness studio. Her studio has a yoga center, a small gym, a cabin for dietitian and a cabin for a listener. Most of the times, we just need some one to listen to us, may be that will motivate us to take care of our bodies. A lot of people do not gain weight because of food, sometimes, they gain weight also because of excess emotional baggage that they carry.

Service industry is very crappy especially the beauty industry. It survives clearly on the insecurities of people. A lot of times more than treatment, we just need someone to listen to us. If you do not  have a listener, try to be the listener for someone else. 

I have been personally facing body shaming due to my weight issues. I sometimes feel that just because I am heavy the society has got a licence to make me feel guilty about it. Earlier it used to hurt me a lot, I hid, ran away from facing the society but today I have accepted my body the way it is.

Yes. I have a mirror in my house, which shows me my obese body, but now I have learnt to be comfortable in my own skin. Yes, I do feel jealous, when I see those thin actresses in those skin fitting clothes. Yes, I stress eat. But Hey ! I am a human being and I am meant to be imperfect and flawed. That is a part of me.

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