Promoting Domestic Violence

So every now and the  we come across  articles and news items and discussions on how television and other media openly promotes the Western culture, rape, Alchohol, drugs, short clothes etc. Etc. But how many times have we heard that the media is directly promoting Domestic Violence. 

The moment you switch on any soap saga, you will find a drama that is being telecast. The bottom line of the dramas are more or less same. One female relative harassing the other ladies of the family members all in the name of love and culture. Only children who take care of their parents are good children and ideal children. Kill their individuality and personality because good looks and fancy clothing can get you anywhere. 

Emotional Abuse is something that we fail to identify in real life and trust me it is more serious than it may seem to be. We never talk about television that openly promotes emotional manipulation under different names but that is what helps the channels earn their big fat pay checks. 

Mental health is an aspect,  which is already ignored by our society. In taking care of our mental  health,  it is our families that play the primary role. But these serials have ensured that family be the reason behind the failing mental health of a person. When  a woman gets married or has a child, she needs support of her family the most. Probably our serial makers haven’t ever heard about seperation anxiety or post partum depression. 

Co-incidently the writers of these serials are the so called rebels and cool dudes in real life,  who think marriage, family and commitment is so uncool.

 Oh wait,  these serials do not even spare our men, who still look like 22 when they are father of teenager kids. Open relationship and extra marital affairs have been normalised by these serials. These serials portray our men as perfect gentlemen, oozing chivalry, always fresh to pamper their wives and are easily vulnerable to the instructions of the vamp. 

When we are talking about women empowernent on one hand and simultaneously on the other hand we are openly promoting domestic violence  against both men and women. Television is a powerful medium which is still accessed by many. Yet we fail miserably in making some sensible content. 

Oh and I forgot to mention the perfect looks that the actors have when they wake up. I mean they just forget that normal human beings are imperfect. We have fizzy hair, acne, skin tan and barely get a few minutes to even comb that messy bun. But actresses in the TV Serials barely have messy hair, their styled hair is always so perfect. Yes, I know television stars are meant to be glamourous but the serials in the 80’s and 90’s had such a toned look. They were more realistic than today.

Taunting and degrading people are just a part of these serials. Body Shaming, Stereotyping are all a normal in these serials. A girl with a dark skin tone is always bullied and unaccepted because dark skined girls are not good enough for the society. Probably that is the reason why we are never able to see any women who are over weight or obese.

Time to boycott such dumb serials and stop direct encouragement of domestic violence.

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