Coffee… From Orphanage to Stage

She had lived in an orphanage ever since she recalled. She does not have a name but everyone addresses her as Coffee because that is what she used to do. Serve coffee to all the visitors. Every day she would see couples walking in and out of the Head’s room. It was her duty to serve them with coffee. She tried to find a pair of loving eyes but in return only met sympathetic eyes. 

It was routine as usual, when she met them. Being the eldest in the orphanage at 14 nobody was keen on adopting her. A small chat with the couple, and within minutes they decided to adopt her. Coffee was estatic that finally she would have her own family now. Her own parents. 

As the couple was German,  they were to complete a lot of formalities before adopting. The procedure took about a year. Every minute was spent by all 3 of them. Finally the day came. Finally coffee had a home. The couple decided to rename her Michelle. 

When coffee reached to her new home. She was surprised to pictures of her dopplehanger. She now understood, why the couple had adopted a 14 year old. A year old, they had lost their 18 year old daughter at the beach in front of coffe’s previous orphanage. She was aware about the scandal. 

Their routine changed. The couple spoke only German and little English and Coffee could speak nothing but Konkani and little English. They enrolled coffee in the best school and gave her the best they could. Her mothers love for her was more pure than milk and her father was as sweet as sugar. 

One year down 

Today coffee’s parents have come down to see her perform. Her mother is as nervous and proud as any mother would be. Her dad is beaming proud and selecting the best seats from where he could get to take the best pictures. Coffee’s mom had specially stitched this dress for her. Holding their hands they waited for the curtains to raise. 

Coffee stirred the stage like a dream. She always wanted to learn Indian Classical dance and her parents had ensured that her every desire was fulfilled. A dull child had now finally become the life of the class. Coffee now stood true to her name. She woke up every one with her prescence. Finally coffee realised her purpose of life.  To work towards awareness of Indian Culture in the West. 

Coffee would have never identified herself until she had met her sweetest parents and mixed with them just like how coffee, sugar and milk mix. 

***  This is a real story based on life of two couples I personally know. Adoption is an option today and adopted children can love you as much as your own children.  Coffee never knew it would taste so nice and sweet before it met sugar and milk’. 

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