When is the right time to change your job?

We all love our jobs. For some of us it is our passion, for some of us, it is our dream for some of us it is our achievement after years of struggle and for some well, we need to run our homes.

There are times in our lives, when we feel that we should quit our jobs and follow our dreams, but then reality strikes us. Some of us grow used to this tradition forget abut our self esteem and ego and decide to suffer. During the earlier generation. It was quiet normal to stay in one job till retirement, but now a days, it has become quiet frequent for people to change their jobs. So how frequently should one change their jobs?

If you do not see growth for your self

When you are employed by a company, the company pays you to complete certain task for them, for which you are paid a renumeration. When a company employs you, it is important that you also check if there is any growth for yourself. Many a times, people are so overwhelmed by the grandeur of the Company and its culture that they often forget, that they also need to learn and grow in the organisation. Your organisation may give you all the luxuries in the world but is it helping in your personal development. It is important for an individual to introspect and think about his own growth chart frequently.

If you are facing harassment

This goes without saying. Whether you are a male employee or a female employee, if you are being harassed for any aspect by your organisation. It is high time that you move on. There is no mandate that a person needs to bear physical or mental stress in order to grow in his career. Consider the circumstances and analyse if the stress that you are undergoing is required or not. In case if you have a financial mandate and still need a job to survive, then do look out for alternate jobs and move ahead. Remember nobody can destroy your career apart from yourself.

If no promotion or raise in pay since last 5 years

It is important that your growth is also acknowledged by growth in your salary. If your salary has been the same for atleast last three to five years, despite everyone else getting a good appraisal, then it definitely a high time to change. On an average, it takes about 5 years for a person to be promoted.

If you get a better opportunity

If you see an opportunity in the market, that is perfect for you, then just grab it. Your bosses may change but your opportunity will come only once in a lifetime. There is no need to feel guilty about leaving your present organisation. Remember, a Company is an Artificial Person and your bosses, are also human, who may also change one or the other day.

If you want to learn something new

Just like how travel gives you experience for a lifetime. Working in different organisation also gives you enriching experience. When you work with different organisation, your mindset changes, you experience healthy competition and are aware about the present status of the market. If you are stuck in the same organisation for a long period, there is a chance that you would have already reached the threshhold of your career.

Physical Health & Work Timings

If your work profile is affecting your health, then it is advisable to change your job as soon as possible. Stressing your health, will only result into more health issues, which means you may end up spending more money on your doctors than saving in your bank. Similarly, if there is zero work-life balance, then in that case it is important that you to reconsider your career.

Does frequent changing of jobs have an impact on your profile ?

If you are going to switch your jobs monthly, then definately, it will have an impact on your career. It takes atleast two years to understand the nature of the organisation and your caliber to grow there. Only in case of extreme conditions like harassment or health issues, you may switch your jobs at the earliest.

It is not mandatory to frequently keep on changing your job, just because everyone around you is doing it. Different people have different priorities in life. Some want job security, some love the adreline in life, each of us have different requirements in life. The work culture of your organisation also plays a major role in your decision to stay with the organisation. It is important that we identify what is our requirement and then take decisions accordingly.

Change is the only constant thing. Change is the only constant, which will help us grow.

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