Ananya – Who killed her

There was a crowd of reporters flocking around the building. After all  it was a shocking news that a successful self made businesswoman is found dead in her apartment. Ananya was known as an entrepreneur who was an advocate for mental health. She was known as a fierce person yet one of the most kind person you would come across. 

During the prima facie panchnama,  the police had sealed her room and also picked up a few files and her hand bag and her laptop. Her room seemed undisturbed. Her family was unconsable. Who would have killed her? Just a couple of days ago she had been to the Police Station and failed to release a woman’s husband who was wrongly accused. In fit of anger, she had threatened Ananya that she would meet death soon. 

It looked like a case of suicide, but no suicide note was found. The images posted on her social media,  revealed a happy Ananya enjoying with her husband and kids. Her body was kept in morgue until post mortem concluded. The media started creating their own stories with half baked inputs from her distant friends and any random people. 

It just seemed a few hours ago that she had dropped her son for his football match.  Just today morning she had given her daughter,  her wedding saree,  which she wanted to wear for her college fashion show.  On the dinning table, there was huge spread of aromatic delicacies for every family member. Their kitchen was well stocked with grains and snacks for at least six months including ready to mix packets. When Ananyas husband came across those ready to mix packets a couple of days ago,  he found it strange as Ananya never liked them and never encouraged any family member from consuming it.  

Finally,  the post mortem report arrived. The contents of the report created a storm across the media. 

Ananya was suffering from stage IV Cancer. Her family was completely unaware of her condition. Once again the entire house was searched by the police but this time searching for real evidence. Finally, they found it. An incomplete word document. 

Dear Vishy, 

By the time you may find this,  I may not be around. You may have surely come across those few medical reports in the house. Yes. I have been identified with Cancer. 

I came to know about it almost a couple of months ago and had been meeting several oncologists. I was waiting for the right moment to tell you all but we were all so busy in our daily routine that I forgot to talk about it. As days pass my strength and courage became weaker. 

I may be a strong woman to the world but at the end of the day, I am also a human being who needs love and care. I am unable to accept the fact that in a few days I may be dependent on you all and then finally become a burden and then in few days, you all wish for my death. Not because you are selfish but because you do not want to see me suffer. 

Hospitals scare me even today. The thought of being alone in the hospital with friendly strangers pierced by needles,  I do not want that life.

I may be a coward. I am sure you would have taken me to the world’s best hospital for treatment but the reality would have been the same. Maybe our journey was only till here. Maybe we may meet in the next birth. 

Please take care of our children. I know they are strong and independent like you. I have cooked chicken for you, schezwan fried rice for piku and dal makhni for chikku. My last wish was to have that one last meal together, but I guess we were all busy in our chores. 

My this birth was successful but shortlived one. I wish to meet you all soon. May be as your grandchild. 

Please don’t hate me for this. Explain my condition to piku and chikku. Hope you all forgive me. 

Dear Readers, 

There are N number of Ananyas in our society. The problem is we ignore our mental health. There are many cases where terminally Ill patients have gone into depression and that has worsened their condition than the actual disease itself. 

Along with our physical health, it is important that we consider taking care of our mental health. The least you can do is spend 5 mins with your loved ones and ask them how was their day. 

In India, mental health is something that is often looked down upon. Suicide is increasing at an alarming rate. Schools, colleges, workplaces, hospitals need to actively take part in strengthening the minds of the people. 

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