Miscarriage: We Really Need To Talk About It

The moment we see those two pink lines on the Pregnancy Test Kit, our joys know no limit. The unknown bond between mother and the child has already come into existence. Even though you have not met the baby, yet you feel like your baby was always with you, as an inseparable part.

Unfortunately, not all women are lucky to hold their tiny ones in their arms. Sometimes, the journey of 9 months comes to an end midway itself, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes willingly, sometimes unwillingly. 

The loss is thus irreparable. 

Difference between Miscarriage and Abortion

A miscarriage is a natural or spontaneous termination of a pregnancy, meaning the body expels the pregnancy on its own without the aid of medicine or a surgical procedure.

Abortion occurs when a procedure is done with the purpose of ending a pregnancy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, when talking with a woman who has lost her baby:- 

1. Somebody has lost a part of them. Please be gentle. 

2. Do not be judgmental. Nobody deliberately wants to kill a child. Many times, there are untold reasons behind it. If you do not know anything, just keep your mouth shut.

3. A woman who has lost her child needs your love and support not your Sympathy or fake empathy. 

4. A woman who has just had a miscarriage or an abortion also needs an equal amount of physical rest, Just because she has not delivered a child, does not mean she is subject to physical hardships. 

5. Her body goes through an immense amount of changes, there may be times when Hormones control her mind and body. There may be times, when she herself may not be able to control herself. It is important that you are with her and not against her during this time. 

6. It is understood that as a family you also had high expectations and hopes about having a new member in the family and you are also upset about the same, but it is important to understand that you do not push your anxiety on her. Whatever may be your loss, it is the mother who suffers the biggest loss. 

7. Do not give names or taunt such a woman in public. Also, it is understood that you are curious to know, why the miscarriage happened but your curiosity can wait. Stop making someone’s loss your point of gossip. Do not presume about something that you don’t know. 

8. If required do not feel shy to take medical health for your depression. 

9. Give sufficient time to the mother’s body to recover from her physical and mental loss. Do not pressurize for a child immediately. 

10. Infertility is a reality, which can be cured only if proper Medical Intervention is sought at the right time. Do not rely on any random source like Self Styled Godmen or any fake doctors who claim to be infertility specialist to get pregnant again. 

11. Yes, our lifestyles are taking our making the quality of our lives go down and therefore our bodies are subject to a lot of health issues. It is a reality and it is important that we give a little more importance to our mind and body. 

It is important that we talk about our medical problems and make others also aware about it. Hiding about it or gossiping about the same will not help. Pregnancy and Motherhood is a blessing, while it may be delayed for some women, it is important that we stand with each other during this tough time and not give each other a tough time. 

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  1. So sorry for your loss, I just wrote a couple things on my page if you’d like to read. I lost my baby two days ago. 💔 you’re welcome to share them. I also have two older ones on my blog I can find for you if you’d like


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