Body Positivity for Men

We have a lot of articles online talking about Body Positivity for women, but we seldom talk about Body Positivity for men. It all starts right from our school days, wherein we nick name each other based on our physical features like the fairest one without beard sprout will be chikna, the darkest one will be kalia, shortest will be Chotu and the tallest one will be Lambu and many other nicknames, which we cannot be shared here.

Atleast 20 – 25 years ago, not much men cared about how we looked. We were perfectly happy with our skin colour, comfortable in our shapes (round is also a shape). Then came 2000’s, where slowly 40’s was the new 20’s and everyone rigourously, started colouring their hair jet black. Before that we had very few people who would use a hair colour and today you see one small grey hair and you rush to your nearest Barber Shop.

Indian Men were loved by all because they were tall, dark and handsome, but then Shah Rukh Khan came and said, that women do not like Dark Skinned men. Slowly skin creams for men started penetrating the market shelves and even our local Barber Shops have started offering a variety of facials to take care of ourselves.

There is nothing wrong in pampering ourselves with some relaxation techniques but just like women, even men these days end up spending almost 20-25 % of their income for their body maintainence. Including those expensive gym memberships and N amounts of protein shakes.

Teenagers these days go to the gym and colour their hair in multiple colours, which makes them look like a Rooster more than a Human Being. Kids spend more time lifting weights than reading books, which is definately going to make our future generation dumb.

Our Bollywood Celebrities, have made it mandatory that to be a commercial hero you cannot have a beer belly. They do spend hours in the gym with lakhs of rupees and also do compromise on a lot of health factors, just to look good. But a common man is more worried about the financial support that he needs to provide to his family, his EMI, his children’s School Fees, ever increasing price of the petrol, which then reflects in his beer belly due to stress.

Baldness and wrinkles is a process that is natural. Face fillers may help you to help you look a few years younger but your body aches will give away your aches anyway. Why are we forcing to race against time or trying to stop time by holding on to artificial procedure. Every age has its own pros and cons. If we do not learn how to accept our selves today and become slaves to the glamour, then our children will also fall into the same trap and loose their identity, resulting into being forever unhappy.

There are several campaigns in the media about how women need to accept their bodies and not fall into the trap made by the cosmetic companies. But simultaneously we keep on indirectly promoting hair treatments and gym memberships for Men. Do we really need the cosmetic companies to tell what is wrong with us ? Instead of telling us to just accept ourselves. I think instead of promoting million dollar industry of so called BEAUTY and Masculinity for men. WE need to spend our time, energy and money on pursuing something that we really enjoy.

How many men do you know, who still pursue a hobby they love ?

Tell me what are your thoughts about the same.

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