Shakuntala Devi – my review

Do you think marriage is more important or career ?

This seems to be the standard prototype question every person thinks should be answered by a woman. No matter how much we claim to have changed or modernised ourselves, yet we love to judge women for their every action or inaction.

Today, it is common for a woman to have a career of her own. Her identity is a part of her personality. But imagine the same scenario about 50 years ago. A young girl from Bangalore, following her heart and travelling across the world to display her skill set in Maths. A time, when women were seldom allowed to complete school education, she went on to teach the world, the ancient Vedic Maths.

The West was charmed by the East with her Calculating skills and earned her a new name “Human Computer“. The story is about her journey from being a simple girl with dreams to being a mother who was judged for her choices, unfortunately by her own daughter.

The problem with our society is, a woman is always judged by the relations she earns in life and not by her professional achievements. Motherhood is like a license for the society to judge her for her decisions. Despite having an ever supporting husband Shakuntala Devi’s marriage ended up in Divorce.

A beautiful journey of a woman who defies all the standards set by the society, only to make her own path.A woman, who was not afraid of her choices and never felt guilty about the same. A must watch for every man and woman. The movie teaches us never to be guilty for daring to dream and making them a reality.

Vidya Balan as Shakuntala Devi is simply amazing. She has played Shakuntala Devi perfectly to the T. Sanya Malhotra as her daughter and Amit Sadh as her son-in-law have brought life to a lot of unsaid emotions. The script, the direction, the actors, the story telling everything is perfect.

I am glad that the movie has been released on Amazon Prime because that is one way we can ensure that the maximum audience watches the same. It is definitely a must watch for all age groups.

I hope you all enjoy the journey of an Indian Girl in Choti amazing the world.

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