How to do Background Verification of a Company Before Accepting Job Offer.

Job Changing is a procedure that on an average we throught atleast once in 5-7 years. Sometimes, it is important to switch your jobs so that you can grow as a professional. Just like a how a Company does background verification on an individual, it is important that you do a background verification of the company. It will not only help you understand the working culture of the Company but also understand the position of the Company in the Corporate World.

Why a person needs to verify the Background of the Company ?

  • To understand if you fit in the Company Culture.
  • Learning and Development Aspect – Technical/Subject based or soft skills Trainings given to upgrade.
  • To know if it pays its employees on time or delay due to some reason.
  • To know if the Company, is on the verge of being declared Bankrupt or file for Insolvency.
  • To check if there are any red flags.
  • History of Company and Individual Growth/ Promotions.
  • Most importantly about Work Life Balance.

Horoscope of the Company – Company Master Data

The Company Master Data on the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, is the Horoscope of the Company. It will tell you about the past, present and future of the Company. Basic Information about the Company is available for free as it is a Public Document.

Hereunder is the link for Company Master Data

Now if you do not know the CIN Number then just write the name of the Company in the name section and then just you will get the list of the companies with the same name along with their CIN Number. Select your Company and then move ahead.

You can find details of the Directors, Previous Loans of the Company, The details of the last AGM, Total Share Capital and Paid up share Capital on the same page. It is important to search the details of the Company on the MCA’s Website because it will tell you about the Directors of the Company and most importantly about the Bank Balance of the Company. You can also access the previous year’s AGM Report if you require by paying a minimum sum.

Just Google it !!

A simple Google Search about the Company’s name will help you with all the news articles with respect to the Company. Just one pro-tip, always check the second and third page of the search because you may find some random blogs mentioning the details of the Company. Or some experience shared by some Employee.

Also Google the name of the Directors, to see if they have any cases pending against them.

Verifying through Former Employees

One of the best ways to understand the Company Culture is by asking the former Employees. You can connect with former Employees on the Company on Linkedin. Just search on the number of people who have worked or are still working with the organisation. Send in a Connection Request and then politely mention that you are planning to join XYZ Organisation. Is it a good place ? Does the Company pay its employees on time ? What are the perks of working in the organisation ? How much do the Employees stay back post working hours ? About Company Policies like Leaves, Flexi working hours, Systems and Processes. Try to check on the role offered, frequency of changes for this role offered – if replacement. If you are a woman then please do ask with respect to the protocols against Sexual Harassment Cases. How long does an employee stay with the organisation, do they resign frequently ? Such Basic Questions will do.

The other way to verify is to check the testimonials section on LinkedIn of your new Boss. Check what qualities he has and how has his relationship been with his juniors. Also you could check the review of the Company on Glass Door.

These are a few tips that would come across handy in case you wish to join a new company. It is important to spend some time initially in researching about the company than repenting later. Better Research than Never.

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