King of Bollywood a movie review

So I wanted to have a relaxed Sunday Evening post my Husband and kids went off to sleep.

I just wanted to watch a random comedy movie to chill. I came across King of Bollywood on Amazon Prime. With all the nepotism debate, this movie definately shows us the unseen side of Bollywood, which we all probably know about already.

Details about the star cast

Director: Piyush Jha

Om Puri (Karan Kapoor)

Sophie Dahl (Crystal Chaurasia)

Kavita Kapoor (Mandir Kapoor)

Manoj Pahwa (Ratnesh)

Diwakar Pundir (Rahul)

Murli Sharma (Sunny)

The movie is about Karan Kumar, a yesteryear superstar, who’s stardom has almost faded. He is married to a Super Star Ms. Mandira and has a son Rahul. Karan Kumar or King of Bollywood as he is known as, wants that his son should also enter into movies but Rahul wants to be away from Bollywood and plans to be an architect.

The movie begins with Crystal Chaurasia convincing International Film Commission to authorise her to make a documentary on Karan Kumar. She flies to Mumbai with her Cameraman and meets KK, who is more than happy to be a part of this documentary. He suddenly announces a movie that is not only produced and directed by him but also stars him in the lead role. The ups and downs of film making, the challenges are all covered beautifully in the film.

The film is a satire on the way Bollywood functions. With the whole nepotism debate going on around us. This movie manages to show us the other side of nepotism. So is KK finally able to keep up to his legacy or will it be destroyed. This movie also spills a lot of secrets about film making, like why some movies have pathetic actors and scripts, why certain movies have a bad star cast.

It is a good light hearted movie to watch if you want to entertain yourself and have a good sense of humour and appreciate satire. The movie was released way back in 2004. I am sure this movie would have not made it to the 100 crore club then but still its a refreshing movie. Om Puri as usual never stops to amaze us and literally carries the movie on his shoulders. Will miss a great actor like him. A lot of recent actors are nothing but jokers as per me.

IMBD Ranking 6.6./10.

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