Basics of Writing a Professional Email

With most of us still working from home, emails have been our major mode of communication. Though these days we have started using slangs for emails, we end up messing, when we need to send professional emails. Remember in corporate lives, emails play a major role. They can sometimes make or break your career. Always remember that emails are your written records about certain conversations that took place. So it is good if you try and keep the language of your email as professional as possible.

There are few basic rules to be followed when we send a professional email. Unfortunately most of the people fail to do it and end up being at loss. So hereunder are a few basic rules.

Do not try and use slang language in your email. Your emails are professional conversations.

If possible do not reply to emails with a k or an OK. – It is a bad demenour and often leaves the receipient in a confused state of mind. If you want to acknowledge the receipt of the email. Do reply as Noted or received. Ok is the most misused work as it can be interpreted as a yes sometimes.

Always keep the tone of your email simple and professional. The email should be short and should also cover your complete points that you wish to address.

Never write Revert Back. The meaning of the word Revert is to reply back so there is no need to write revert back, when ending. an email. You can end your email by saying Kindly revert or Kindly reply back with your inputs.

When addressing a person select your terminology carefully. Here is how you would address Mr. Dinesh Sahoo.

Dear Dinesh,

Dear Mr. Sahoo

Addressing the person as Dear Mr. Dinesh Sahoo is not recommended.

Similarly, if you are addressing a woman, it is recommended that you address her as Ms.. The reason being the marital status of the woman need not be a concern while addressing a professional email. So if you want to address an email to Sunita Kapoor. You may address her in the following ways.

Dear Sunita,

Dear Ms. Kapoor,

Another mistake that a lot of people frequently make is when addressing multiple people in the same email. The best way to address multiple people would be as under

In case of many men,


I hope you are ready with your project report.

In case of many women,


I hope you are ready with your project report.

There is no need to add Dear as a prefix before addressing them.

The next point to be covered is the closing address.

A lot of people write Thanks and Regards together. You need to use only Thanks or Regards.

These are the few points with respect to formal email communications that one needs to keep in mind. You don’t have to use fancy language in your email but using the right language and addressing the right person is what is more important.

Do let me know if you have any queries regarding the same.

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