How Fake Feminism arose in India

I had always been strong and independent from the time I remember. Infact criticised for it every other time.

I first heard the term fake femininazi on Twitter. Which means a woman who generally uses gender to play victim card when it suits her and thinks Independence means abusing the opposite genders. In the last few years, Fake Feminism has been on rise in India. The reason mainly being wrong idea of Feminism portrayed by our media especially the Bollywood movies.

So let us first read on what Feminism actually means,

According to Britanica,

Feminism, the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. Although largely originating in the West, feminism is manifested worldwide and is represented by various institutions committed to activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.

Women in our country had been suppressed in our country since last few centuries. They had been considered second gender with the men being the superior. Veil system, Dowry, lack of education, Patriarchy have always been the evils of our society since ages. It was important that we fight for the same and make ourselves heard.

Unfortunately in India, law is often misused by the priviledge ones.

The Dowry Prohibiton Laws, which were meant to help women across the country is sometimes misused. But most of the times, women are not even aware about such laws, which protect their rights. It is not only about the Rural or Urban, rich or Poor women. You have women who are aware about their rights and women who are unaware about their rights.

Freedom means to an opportunity to be independent but unfortunately, for these Fake Feminazis, freedom means their choice to abuse the opposite gender as well as their own gender.

Yes, independence means that you can wear clothes of your choice including a bikini, but it does not mean that you can belittle the women wearing tradition clothes. Wearing a bikini does not empower you and wearing traditional clothes is not a sign of suppression.

Earlier in the pre British era, when India was purely an Agricultural Country, women and men both worked in the farms. Women went to working the fields with their children tied up behind their backs. Women did have a career then. Apart from the handful rich women, a lot of women technically had careers. Caste system existed but they were based on the work profile of people, which we continued for the sake of our convenience.

Coming back to the rise of Fake Feminism, media has often taught us that bashing men means independence, bashing other women, who talk sense means independence but that is not true. Feminism never meant calling out names to others or misusing the laws that were made to help the genuine women who have been suppressed.

The worst part is playing the victim card. These fake feminist never leave an opportunity to play the victim card and to abuse almost everything existing on this planet. But when they are asked to work hard and survive on their own, they never fail in turning into a victim card.

I was always surrounded by strong women, who took their own decisions, earned their own money, spend it on themselves and their families, saved it for them and helped others to while staying married having children. Yes, they were feminist in the real sense, without having to scream a loud about the same.

Recently I came across two fake Feminazis, who kept changing their colours and were so drowned in Feminism and Independence, that they could not see logic at all. I do not blame them because of the enviornment that they come the women have been suppressed fo ryears. So when somebody even talks about logic with them or points out their mistakes they feel that they are being suppressed. This fine line difference between Feminism and Fake Feminisim is what is damaging the entire spirit behind the movement that is so crucial and required for our society right now.

Bollywood and the media has played a major role in promoting this concept of Fake Feminism . Bollywood Actresses, play storong independent characters and then go around bashing anyone and everyone without any logic. They use people for their convenience and then just go ahead and criticise them. When they cannot handle criticism, they often turn into victims. Why do they forget that the entire concept of Feminism is to fight for your rights and to work towars the same and not to gain sympathy from the world playing your gender card.

So this was my view on Fake Feminism. Do let me know, what is your opinion about the same.

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  1. I think that women regardless from where they come from should feel as free as men when it comes to how they dress, act etc. There is nothing at all wrong with dressing traditionally, or choosing to wear more revealing clothing and one person shouldn’t dissanother for this.


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