Digital Marketing Enterpreneur Rishi Arora

Tell us about yourself?

I am an entrepreneur and into Digital Marketing. I am a commerce graduate and have done Triple Masters ( MBA, MSC(Comp Science) and MIT( Masters in information Technology. I started D2S in the year 2010, before working for 8 years in this Industry so my overall experience is 18+ years. 

Regarding my Family, I have my wife and a small Kid and my Father is retired and used to be Head of Department of Mathematics, Delhi University. 

Tell us about your venture.

Since I started, I have loved to work with Digital Agencies in different countries outsourcing work to Indian companies. This way, I learn a lot from them and also helps in getting regular business. I have worked with Digital Agencies in the UK, USA ,Canada & Australia. In terms of Domestic clients, I have worked with both SME’s and Big corporates and Major clients include TGIF, UNDP(India), Om Group, Indorama India etc. 

D2S has earned a wide number of awards and certifications from recognized boards. These accomplishments have helped us to stay on the path of progression.

As of today, the company has earned the following awards:
• Best Upcoming Online Marketing Service Provider by Big Research in 2013
• Best Digital Agency in the Delhi area by Brand Achievers in 2015
• One of the Top 25 Web Design Companies in Delhi by Silicon India Magazine.


How is digital marketing growing during this lockdown period?

April & May were tough as most of the clients and even I was not clear where we were heading but in June and July most of us have started accepting this situation and working accordingly. With more companies working towards strengthening their online presence we hope that it would pick further.

What are the different aspects of digital marketing?

SEO– SEO is pivotal in keeping brands visible online. Under this category, D2S offers search engine optimization,video optimization, app store optimization, location-based SEO services.
SMO: Social Media is the driving force of marketing today. D2S specializes in social media optimization through which keeps its clients’ brands afloat round the year. Social media marketing is also a part of their SMO services.
ORM:Online reputation management is a big part of branding that shapes the identity of a brand in the public eye. D2STechnologies does this through a series of related services like reputation management,brand protection, damage control and such things    

How can a person use social media wisely to promote their business ?

Social media provides new opportunities to share your content and present your brand. You can target your audience well using Social Media making yourself and your brand more accessible. We provide you services to use such available platforms in a wisely manner to get visible to your Target audience.

What is your mantra on Working from Home.  

Mantra is very simple. Know your responsibilities. If you know what your organisation expects from you and what you need to deliver and you meet it then nothing better than that when you can do it with your family around. It’s also very important to keep yourself fit when you are working from Home.

Any message for budding Enterpreneurs?

There are a lot of things to talk about here but I would say that you should always chase your dreams and forget about failure. You may achieve success or may taste failure but that would only happen when you take a step ahead which is more important than the outcome.

Any message for your team/family ?

Always be my side.

What are your future plans ?

I would like to expand as a Top company for Digital Business Outsourcing in India. I am working towards the same and would very soon take the next step.

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