What A Woman With PCOD Wants You To Know

These days a lot of women have been undergoing treatments for either PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease ) and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). PCOD or PCOS may not be seen as a harmful or life threatening disease by others but yes there are certain things that women with a PCOD or PCOS go through but are not able to talk about it or explain about it to others due to the akwardness. Apart from the trouble of Irregular monthly menstrual cycles there are a few more things that these women go through. Here under are a few things that definitely a Woman sufffering from PCOD or PCOS wants to share with you.

Weight gain at the sight of food

One of the biggest drawbacks of PCOD/ PCOS is weight gain. Due to the hormonal imbalance it becomes more difficult for such a person to loose weight. Many a times, we do know about certain friend, who no matter how hard they try never manage to loose weight. May be it is time to meet your doctor and check with her.

Acne and Dull face and facial hair

Hormones also reflect the way our skin looks. On some days you may have the best skin and on some days you wonder where did this Acne appear from. Your friends often suggest you to get the best facial done but who will tell them that you just got a facial done last evening. One of the worst side effects of PCOD is facial hair, no matter how consciously you bleach or wax it appears again.

Mood Swings

PMS or that time of the month ? Is a question that men frequently ask, when you act crazy. Imagine, the patience of a woman who is waiting for her monthly friend to visit and is always fully prepared but her friend disappoints her. Your Monthly friend always takes away your comfort and gives you a lot of pain in return, yet you religiously wait for it. Just imagine the trauma and thats why women go crazy.

Not really Infertile

Suffering from PCOD or PCOS does not mean that you are infertile. You may have difficulty in just knowing the days on which you are ovulating. These days you can even get an ovulating kit from the medical store, which will help you with the same. Though I have personally never used them so no idea how reliable they are.

Akward visit to the Gynaecologist

If you are a single woman visiting a Gynaec, then your pados wali aunty would have already decided on the amount of gossip that she is going to spread about you. If you are a married woman visiting the gynac, then also your pados wali aunty must have decided the gender of your child. Many a times due to the prejudice by out society, many women shy away from meeting a gynex and are restrained from good and timely medical help.

Buying Pills from the Pharmacist

If you thought your Pados Wali aunty was the only vamp, then wait for more society members. Unfortunately, the medication for PCOD also acts like Birth Control Pills. If a single woman is seen purchasing the same , the heaven will break loose on her character. If a married woman buys the same, then also our society will force her to fit into the wrong prejudices already created by them.

Explaining things to your partner

Well Men do not go through Menstrual cycles. Many men get proper education on these topics only after they are married adn that is only 10% of their knowledge. Since, we are taught that menstrual cycles are a Woman’s Problem , men don’t need to know about the same. Ideally, I feel that one person who should know everything about your body is your partner so that they can give you right kind of support.

Insecurity and lack of self confidence

With excess weight, the fear of being prejudiced by the society, woman many a times keep unrealistic standards for themselves. Many a times due to the fear of rejection and ridicule, we refuse to talk about our problems and end up being harsh on ourselves, which results in lack of self confidence and increases our insecurity.

Dear Ladies, it is absolutely fine to talk about PCOD and PCOs to your family and friends, we will not judge you. Already the women suffering from PCOD have more than enough on their plate. If possible please don’t create more problems for them.

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