Two types of people in a marriage

During my early 20’s when the concept of marriage was being considered seriously and I was getting tips from people in and around. There was this one tip that was given to me by a couple of seniors. There are basically two types of people.

Alpha – the one who is physically strong, has a strong image and confident, usually a good orator, a born leader and someone who is very popular.

Beta – Generally, this person is shy and quiet, generally soft spoken and does not mingle around much.

Now the general presumption is somebody who is an Alpha is tough on the exterior but extremly vulnerable emotionally. The person who has a Beta Personality is generally soft spoken but emotionally strong.

They say Opposites Attract and in a relationship it is absolutely true. Because the people with same type of personality have the same strengths and same weaknesses but people with opposite personality types have different strengths and weaknesses. Life and marriage are a gamble, which we are addicted to and need to take up appropriate risk to sail through.

This was a stupid theory that we had developed during our college times and early days of work for timepass.

So now applying my theory to real life marriage, i.e. my marriage.

I am a typical alpha woman. Scary as hell on the external but emotionally vulnerable. My Husband is a typical beta personality. Soft Spoken, kind, appears emotional externally but hard as hell on the emotional front. I mean if you have to ever convince both of us, I may look unapproachable on the exterior but chances are that I may be the easily convinceable.

Marriage is a lifelong gamble. You win some slots, you loose some.

You need different thought process to sail through the tricky situation. Many a times, I have heard people reject each other saying that they think in the opposite directions. Sometimes, it is also important that you have a different point of view. But too much contrast is also not sustainable.

At the end of the day, whether your thought processes match and personality matches or not , marriage needs a lot of other commitments and sacrifices. The most important one being patience.

I was just bored on a lockdown evening, just like how i used to be randomly bored. Therefore, I wrote this filler article for timepass. Hope you find it useful.

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