India has population not man power

Yesterday was world population day. Since last few months we have been battling one of the worst Pandemic Situation. Lack of medical Infrastructure, lack of Police Personnel , Essential Service Providers etc.etc. have been something that we have suddenly faced since last few days.

We have an official population of about 130 crore people. Still not accounting for a lot of unauthorised population that we have in our country. While before we blame the government system, hereunder are a few statistics about our Country.

We have one doctor for 1445 Citizens (1:1000 is prescribed by WHO)

We have 138 Police Personnels for One Lakh People (One of the lowest in the World, United Nations Recommends a ratio of 222)

India has roughly 140 Researchers per 10,00,000 population compared to 4651 in the United States.

These are just a few statistics or so called official figures. But the reality is far from different. We have a lot of fake professionals or the underqualified ones and also a lot of qualified professions, who may still not be practicising (like a lot of women quit their professions post marriage and children).

We have a huge population yet we are unable to produce enough qualified professions in our country every year. The failure of our Educational system, Reservation, Management Quota, Outdated Syllabus , no practical approach in learning are just few of the reasons why we barely have any youth who can be employed.

A lot of times, people can barely afford two square meals yet they keep on giving birth to children in hope that they can have a male child some day. The craze for male child in our Indian Society is still at its highest today, which unfortunately even our silly media promotes through its non sensical serials.

I am not against reservation. REservation should be there for those who are talented and yet deprived due to different circumstances. If the cut off percentage for general category is 95% then the cut off percentage of reserved classes should be around 90%. The more number of seats we allow in to be reserved in professional courses, the chances of producing good qualified professionals reduces immensely. I know, I may come across as a harsh person but I really do not see any requirement of reservation on the basis of caste for a person who’s parents are well to do government servants or at a good position in Corporates. In cities this reservation system is simply exploited by people.

If there is some person, who belongs to a place, where there is barely any school or college, if such people are given an opportunity to learn solely on the basis of reservation, then I accept that they need the same. But, somebody, who stays in a flat in Mumbai and who’s parents are well to do, and still has managed to score barely 50% and expects to be admitted in a professional college, just because of his caste. Then that defeats the entire purpose of reservation.

We have almost 50 % seats in our colleges, which go under reservation, (SC, ST, NT, OBC, Children of Govt. Employees), which leaves other 50 % barely for students to come ahead on merit. Even in these 50% seats available a few of the seats are sold by the college in the name of Management Quota, as that is easy technique to earn extra money for the College Management. So barely 30-60% of the total strength of the students admitted pass out, who are capable to be recruited. Probably this math may explain the rising unemployment in our Country.

I agree that examination scores have nothing to do with your success in life, but it is a basic proof that you have gained some knowledge in that subject.

Coming back to the question, how do we address the problem of shortage of Man Power and ensure that further Brain Drain does not happen.

  1. Talk about Population being a real problem in our country. Even though since years we have been saying about the same we are yet to create hue and cry about the same.
  2. Our leaders need to consider population as a serious problem. Stop making statements and asking people to have children just to promote religion.
  3. Promote Sex Education, the right Sex Education in schools, colleges and workplaces. A country, which has a population of 130 crores should not be shy about the process of baby making.
  4. Stop the desire to have male child.
  5. Tell people about the flaws of having more than two children. Though we have learnt about the same in school, we need to revise them for those who never went to school or we sleeping during this chapter.
  6. Stop shaming people, when they buy contraceptives from a Medical Store. It is better to be safe than having an unwanted pregnancy.
  7. Take help of counsellors if needed.

Even though I have mentioned these solutions, I know, everyone will just read and forget about the same. Though this may not be technically my personal problem, but increased population of the Country is definately going to affect me. Let us make a difference to our society by atleast initiating a conversation around this topic.

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