unboxing gurushala during lockdown

Lockdown has been tough for all of us in one or the other way. When the lockdown started in the month of March, we were happy that our children were safe at home. Slowly towards the end of May and begining of the month of June, we parents started getting anxious about the re-opening of schools. But unfortunately, the debate about the online classes prolonged for a little longer.

Homeschooling was an option, but we as parents were worried that our children would miss out on the classroom environment. Children need only a few days to adapt themselves to the new environment. I went online and searched for some website, wherein I could learn and update myself. As classes were being conducted online, it was also important for me that I understand the difference between online and offline teaching and try to bridge the gap for my child.

I came across this website called as Gurushala, which offers different courses for Parents and Teachers for free. Their aim is to upgrade the education system.

Hereunder is a glimpse at some of their courses, they provide for the Teachers/Parents.

  1. A 12 hour Course on Tools for Content Creation, curation and custimisation
  2. Use of ICT in Teaching
  3. Learning Difficulty
  4. Emerging Teaching Strategy
  5. Classroom Management

They also have different education related courses, for which parents and children both can enroll.

Such as

  1. Pedagogy of Mathematics
  2. Molecule Shapes
  3. Neurons
  4. Nakshatram

There are different videos on YouTube and other sources, where you can get information related to different concepts, then why is Gurushala different from a Youtube.

The reason being the content on Gurushala is simple and easy to understand for both parents and teachers. Their language is simple, and the concepts are addressed to the point. YouTube has a lot of content, which makes it very cluttered sometimes, when we want to search the right content. Too much content can also be confusing at times. If you want to quickly learn and understand the method of teaching then Gurushala is the place for you.

Hereunder are some interesting facts about them:

  • Seekho Sikhao– A campaign started with the onset of lock down wherein we share e-resources with teachers everyday within the framework of Watch, Think and Practice over Facebook and WhatsApp. Gurushala is connected to over 7,000 teachers and we have almost 70 WhatsApp groups which we use to engage with teachers. The idea of this campaign is to make resources available for teachers and personalise them according to their needs. Teachers share these resources with their students along with some tips and tricks to enhance the teaching-learning process. 
  • Teacher Stories- A campaign where they are trying to cover the stories of all the teachers and principals who are connected to Gurushala. They publish their journey of becoming a teacher/ principal on their social media portals to celebrate their journey and to motivate other teachers.
  • Gurushala Teacher Samvaad– They have started a virtual Teacher Meet wherein they invite 3-4 teachers every alternate week to discuss the initiatives they are taking to enhance the overall teaching and learning experience. They conduct these Samvaads on different themes every week.
  • Every Parent is a Teacher too’– Their Content Library is amazing. They have explained simple content and easy DIY activities, which we can then do with our children. My favourite activity is the merry go round by Arvind sir using a simple pencil cell and an old mobile vibrator.  

Apart from all this they also conduct weekly webinars, staff room sessions for teachers, quizzes and competitions to motivate teachers and enhance the exchange of information. 

You can connect with Gurushala on the following links:-

Gurushala website- https://gurushala.co/

Gurushala’s Facebook page-https://www.facebook.com/GuruShala01/

Gurushala’s Instagram page- https://www.instagram.com/gurushala/?hl=en

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