Stressed During Lockdown? Head over to Tiktok.

Recently, I came across a few videos that were posted on Tiktok by my friends. A few followers that I follow, used this app to make hilarious content and keep me entertained. Brevity is the best friend of this App as the videos made are short and crisp and majorly for the purpose of entertainment.

Lockdown has brought out the best and the worst side amongst all of us. It would be a lie, if I say that I have not sought the asylum of the Internet to escape my own miseries. One of the features that I enjoy most in TikTok are the challenges. I do follow some of the Social Media Influencers such as Shrima Rai, Anupriya Kapur, Shilpa Shetty, Ritesh Deshmukh to name a few.

A glimpse at my personal favourite videos from Tiktok.

How can I miss superwoman my favourite…

The makeup challenges, dress-up challenges, Bollywood Dialogue Challenges are quite famous on TikTok. The advantage of Tiktok is, as I said earlier, it is very simple for creating short-format videos. One can consume the content quickly and it also challenges the creators to make it impactful in a short time.

Tiktok is not only about entertainment, but will also help you stay connected with the news across. With Pandemic, there is a huge panic amongst everyone in the society. Even though we have been cautious about the content that we read online, sometimes, we too unknowingly become a part of the mob and blindly forward the content. Tiktok came up with the #MatKarForward campaign, asking people not to spread wrong information without verifying the same. Social Media is like a knife, which when handed over to a mother, she cooks delicious food, when handed over to a surgeon saves a life, but when handed over to a murderer, takes a life.

This lockdown has been tough on every single one of us, there is no person, who is unaffected by the same, though at a different level. Creative activity can help a person relieve their stress and concentrate on something more productive and that is what Tiktok has helped a lot of people with. Though we could not physically meet our friends, being a part of different challenges together,  helped us stay connected, virtually. I feel that by participating in the challenges on Tiktok and posting content makes you happy and less stressful, then a person should just go ahead and do that.

Tiktok is definitely a great platform for everyone to show their talents and keep themselves sane during this lockdown, and of course to just have fun!

The copyright of this Article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. Reproduction of the same, without permission will amount to Copyright Infringement. Appropriate Legal Action under the Indian Laws will be taken.

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