How the Indian Media is causing damage during Lockdown

Despite having a degree in Journalism, I share a kind of hatred towards the Indian Media, which is somehow increasing day by day. The Media is supposed to be the fourth pillar of the Indian Democracy but day by day it is turning into nothing but a bundle of lies and stress.

The simple job of Indian Media is to report facts, not analyse them and definitely not to judge people. During the Pandemic, media has been considered as an essential service and permitted to work 24*7. I really appreciate the hardwork you all are putting in but you are simultaneously causing a lot of collateral damage in a lot of homes.

However there are a few things that I completely fail to understand.

Why does the media need to sensationalise everything ? Have you ever heard about reporting facts?

TV Reporters screaming on top of their voices. Shouting at you dramatically. Sometimes, when I hear the TV is on in the Living Room, I wonder why my husband is watching a Daily Soap. Only, when I physically go and verify that he is watching a News Channel.

24*7 reporting of facts is good but the way the news channels are reporting the facts, it is like people will die the very next moment. The dramatic music also does no good.

Yes, the pandemic is bad and it has impacted everyone of us day in and day out. We all are feeling the heat of the same in one or other way, but why do you need to add to our stress ?

I am sure this must be a common scence in a lot of houses, where the elders are panicked on watching the news 24*7, which has caused a lot of people to undergo stress related diseases. The people already suffering from Diabetis and Blood Pressure are the worse because little bit stress affects them a lot. Before the Pandemic may be this stress will take lives of many such people.

How news is increasing Domestic Violence

A lot of men specially get tensed due to the negative news that is being broadcast continously. This often results in disagreements between the spouses and often is resulting into huge fights at home. News Channels unfortunately has become a bad addiction, sadly similar to drugs and alcohol.

The news channels are creating fear in the minds of people. The same fear is not permitting them to think rationally. In all the mud slining done by the so called panelist, who change their expertise in every few days, houses are breaking. One common question that is being discussed over the social media is how has your relationship with your family changed during the Pandemic, the answer to the same is always negative.

Continous watching of news channels has also made people nervous wrecks. They have started getting hallucinations and their mental health is largely at stake. Relationships are breaking continously every minute due to the panic created by the Media.

How can we change the same ?

Do not fall into the trap of TRP techniques used by the Indian Media. The world is not going to change by you watching news 24*7. WAtch the news only for the sake of information for not more than 30 minutes a day. Either ways they repeat the same content with more spices added to the same. Take the news items as a pinch of salt.

verify news on social media

Today morning I posted a query on Twitter for Mumbai Police regarding inter city travel and somebody replied to the same mentioning Maharashtra is under curfew. I went online and checked thinking may be I am living under the rock and not aware about the curfew. Turns out an old video by some so called news channel is being circulated on Whatsapp, claiming curfew.

Please post something if you only verified the content. You are causing more damage than the pandemic, when you post wrong news.

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  1. In today’s world, “Indian media is at its lowest” is a false statement. Whenever you feel that Indian media cannot go lower than a certain level, the very next day they do something much more stupid. For ex- thrusting mic into SSR’s family’s mouths wasn’t enough, watching a postmortem of his effigy on national media was the most horrible thing to watch (yet), thanks to media.


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