Understanding Domestic Violence

In the recent years awareness about Domestic Violence has been increasing in our society. Men and Women both have been victims of Domestic Violence in the last few years. But unfortunately, this law is simulataneously one of the most miused law in India. Those who genuinely need help never have access to help because of the fear of the society.

Since so many years we have seen how people suppressed their unhappiness and suffered violence and abuse just to please the society. When we say Domestic Violence, it is just not limited to hitting or slapping a person. There are different types of Abuses such as Physical Abuse, Mental Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Financial Abuse. These abuses happen in marriages because of different reasons, but most of the times it is due to difference in upbringing, different socio-economic factors, external factors or sometimes too much interferance by unwanted people.

A lot of times people, what people may consider as Domestic Violence may often be nothing but simple misunderstanding between two people due to lack of communication. Sometimes, genuine cases of Emotional Abuse and financial abuse are often hidden under the viel of Culture and Tradition. Though Marriage and Divorce in India are still governed by what the society wants more than what an individual in the marriage wants, there are some people who are walking out of the marriage.

It is not mandatory that every couple , which undergoes domestic Violence needs to seperate. But what I feel is that if you are undergoing Domestic Violence, it is imporant that you talk about the same and try and find a solution for the same.

Patriarchy, expectations of the society, interfearance of the society, lack of communication are the bigger culprits in increasing cases of Domestic Violence than the Modern Day Media.

To be frank one of the reason why marriage survived during the olden days was not due to lack of awareness, but mainly because nobody interfeared in anybody’s lives. Every task had to be physically done and therefore at the end of the day people were tired and could not afford to loose their support system. Today, with machines and nuclear families, our chores have considerably reduced and with Social Media, we live a dual life. Setting High Expectations from both the spouses and also inviting comments from those unwarranted.

But that does not mean that there is no Domestic Violence in our society, yes it is there and it can also be resolved. It is not mandatory to always use the legal route, it can simply be resolved by effective communication. I will soon be conducting a session on Domestic Violence and its remedies. Details of the same are hereunder.

Do let me know if you are interested.

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